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I have a dress for our company holiday party, but I'm really not sure that I want to go.

But, since I bought the dress, I suppose that I might as well go, anyway!

Oh, did you see the article on Yahoo! that Vick spent some 3.x million in the months before he was jailed? Any pity I had for him has gone, gone, gone!

Ooooh, pret-tay!!

For my job's holiday party, I am going to wear an outfit I already have in my closet. It will be a red trenchcoat with 1/4 length sleeves and hitting just below my hip with a black sleeveless turtleneck and black slacks. For New Year's Eve, I have this pink ruffle dress and maybe pair it with a leather jacket or tuxedo jacket and wedges. :)

GLM: Oh, go to the holiday party! At least your company still has holiday parties. I have no words for Mr. Vick.
Natalie: Glad you like!
Laurean:Hmm, I'm intrigued by the pink ruffles! I love pink and I love ruffles. I know you'll be hot.

You found some good sales. Thanks to the offer code you provided on black friday i made out so well when I purchased jjill items.

Yeah, the hardest part for me is shoes - I'm literally limping in heels after 10 minutes, so I need to find something that I can wear that won't be too bad.


I love your blog! Your voice is so fresh and alive. As for my holiday dress, the classic little black dress one I bought last year (for $49, mind you) has disappeared from my closet!! I have no idea how I lost it. Hmmmm...got any tips for finding frugal fashion wear?
aka the Bargain Hunter

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