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It was my first shopping day while doing the challenge and I was really good! I kept spotting things I WANTED, but kept in my that I needed to separate my wants from my needs.

In the end I spent just £11.32 on necessary food items and posting an item.

My daughter asked for a couple of things too and I said No. She wanted some soup, but hey, I can make it, right? And she asked for bread - ditto.

So all in all a successful day.

I'm going to join you in a declutter too - my office has needed doing for ages and I've been procrastinating. So tomorrow morning, into the office I go!

I hope the talk show went well :)

I surely did go to Denny's....and it was AWESOME!

I didn't even leave a money tip, I just left a 5.00 gift card to walmart I got for my bday. My waitress was thrilled.....no cash for her to have to claim, I guess.

There are like five Denny's near me but unluckily. I had to be at work early. No free breakfast plus as an ex-waitress I would have tipped generously. I know me.

Ok, so I screwed up and went to the Denny’s near two major Baltimore area universities—Morgan State and Towson. It was a MAAAADDDDD House!

Here I thought I was being smart by going around 11:30 and the door was brimming over with people spilling into the sidewalk. I talked a fellow journo into braving the masses with me for a cheap breakfast (sans eggs… I just can’t eat them) and you know it was pretty ok.

Since they weren’t sure they would be able to feed all those people they started handing out rain checks good for up to February 13th for those who didn’t want to wait. Otherwise the wait was about one hour.

I left a $5 tip for the server who was amazing pleasant considering the loud RUSH of people in there. You only had to pay tax and for your juice so it was pretty ok and worth the wait to treat yourself.

@Mrs. Green: the show was super fun! And yes, decluttering. *sigh*
@Jeanine: You probably left her the largest tip that she got that morning.
@Converting: Yep, that's half the battle, knowing your weak spots. I always tip 20 percent, even if it's lunch.
@NickiMayoNews: At least you made it in! I'm glad you had fun.

I went to Denny's this morning, but the waitress copped an attitude when I left her food stamps as a tip!

I'm hanging strong. Didn't go to Denny's but I also didn't buy dinner last night nor lunch today. I've been a cooking fool the past couple of days. The result? Since Feb. 1, I've only spent $1.25 on a soda. As the hymm says, I'm taking it one day at a time, sweet Jesus.

I did not go to Denny's, but I watch a few people being interview that were in line and they were real happy. Denny's says that since the local mom and pop's are closing, Denny's wants that business.

My frugalist goal when I go out to a restaurant good size portions, devide it in 2 and take one portion home and eat the other one there. But this month I am selecting only one place to eat out. It's my mom and pop pizzaria 16$ for 2.5 meals. I can not do better if I did it myself.
(Sorry but that is my study night with my friends and it is a mom and pop place. I do not go to eat at places where I have to tip. that might be a 5$ tip. No way

Why did I not know that That Black Girl site has a radio show??? I will be tuning it!
Afrobella's site looks great.
OK I did pass by some mascara this week so I am attempting to do no buy month. :-)

OH Mam, it really worked.I can´t believed on that.congratulations for this site.

Billy Booney

I don't do anything but pay basic utilities and buy groceries. I will drive my old car and old truck until they fall apart. This is really easy. Just stay home, plain and simple.

One head of cabbage, one bag of rice, and one chicken will last for a whole week. I spend less than $100.00 a year on clothes.

Excellent series

I only posted a very nice congratulatory message stating what a great idea this frugal living series is...and it was removed ?

Frugalista! How did I miss this post? Blog sister love all the way. We're doing big things in 09! I am proud of your progress. I need to get my workouts back on track!

Frugalista, I love your blog and go to it often. I just wish we had someone doing the same thing in Chicago so I can take advantage of the freebies here. I'm out of the loop but there aren't as many as there used to be. Clubs used to have free (or nearly free) happy hour buffetts on friday. The cotton club used to have an all you can eat buffett for $1, then we'd go to Dejoie's before they started charging a cover and dance all night! Hard to do that these days but not impossible ;)

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