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Donovan close to payday?

Billy Donovan is close to signing his long-awaited contract extension, according to a report by ESPN.com. Citing unnamed sources (a practice forbidden by The Miami Herald) the Internet website wrote on Thursday night that Donovan and Florida are nearing terms of a seven-year contract extension worth about $3.5 million per season.

I spoke with University of Florida sports information director Steve McClain on Thursday night after the story broke and McClain told me that Foley indicated during the Gators' Thursday night baseball game against Tennessee (a 6-5 Florida loss) that Donovan's deal is still in the works and may take more time to finalize.

For more than a year, Donovan (Is it possible this guy is a savvier businessman than he is a basketball coach?) has positioned himself to become the wealthiest college basketball in the country. It seems his payday is finally nearing. Is he worth it? Will Florida football coach Urban Meyer's upcoming contract extension trump Donovan's deal? Will Billy the Kid bolt for the NBA, a possibility I still believe to be very possible?   


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So, when a head coach gets a big payday such as the one that this one has the potential of being for Donovan, do the assistant coaches somehow benefit? Also, will giving a college coach this much money hurt an institution like Florida academically... I mean where is the money going to come from? What sacrifices as a learning institution will UF have to make if this deal goes thru.

These are great questions, A.G. Contracts for assistant coaches are usually not linked to a head coach's contract. That said, I'm sure it won't hurt UF's assistant basketball coaches that Billy Donovan could -- Any day now? Still not believing that this deal is done. -- soon become the highest paid basketball coach in the country.
Your other questions about Billy Donovan's soon-to-be enormous contract taking away money from academics are questions that rage across college campuses throughout the country. There are two sides to this argument.
The coaches and athletic directors will tell you that athletics helps raise money for the school through private donations (crazy football and basketball fans ready to shell out cash), increased numbers in the alumni association (Gator pride) and hikes in enrollment figures.
Academia will tell you that a basketball coach making 50 times the salary of an English professor is the most recent sign of the apocalypse. I tend to side with academia on this one probably because right now -- at this very moment -- I can teach a kid how to dribble a basketball but I'd be in trouble if I had to slam dunk a lecture on the ever-increasing pessimism of Samuel Beckett. (Mr. Beckett would tell you that a basketball coach receiving $3.5 million a year is just be more proof of our society's decaying human condition.)
As for the sacrifices UF's "learning institution" will endure if Donovan's deal goes through: If by learning institution you mean less money for education, then don't worry about that. The University of Florida has plenty of money to toss around. But by "sacrifices as a learning institution" you're referring to the chip-chip-chipping away of some dreamy metaphysical truth (Is that redundant? Probably, but it sure sounds cool.), then I would say yes. The image a university offers its student body when it seemingly places more importance on sports rather than books does little but offer more proof that the books might not mean that much after all. (Unless they're books about sports, of course.)

Joseph is incited by the uncited source. When styled writing lacks discipline I guess you’re left with gossip.

Is Donovan worth it? Let’s see.

Billy the Kid was reputed to have killed 21 men, one for each year of his life. I don’t know who your kid is, but he must have a deadly shot. Donovan isn’t worth much if he can’t retain the talent. Perhaps Florida should wait and see. (My bad in advance if “the kid” referred to Donovan)

Will the football coach top the basketball coach on the pay role? Ya, probably. But he shouldn’t, since he’ll be losing to Auburn again next year.

But come to think of it, so too will the basketball coach.

Ya, they should definitely wait and see.

PS to Beckett: The human condition must be ripe and healthy before it can decay.

PS to Goody: Great post.

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