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Georgia coach accused of pushing Gators

This from a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: A Georgia high school football coach was recently accused by the school's former coach for urging a star running back, who had already committed to Georgia, to consider other options other than the Bulldogs.

First-year Jonesboro Mt. Zion football coach Jarrett Laws denied swaying his player. Laws is from Florida. The player, Martin Ward, is a 5-10, 196-pound running back. He looks pretty good on paper and has indeed balked on his early commitment to Georgia. As a junior, Ward averaged 9.2 yards per carry and scored 16 touchdowns. Georgia has lost two early commitments in recent weeks.

And in related news...I think I'll eat a ham sandwich. On second thought, better make it turkey. No, now I want bologna.


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Was it verbal “urging” or Crimson Tide style “urging?” If the first, what is wrong with that? If the second, no wonder the kid had to blow … the secret.

Let's hope it wasn't Crimson Tide urging...As for your other point, it's widely considered a recruiting faux pax for a high school coach to sway the future of one of his players. There's no rule against it, but it's bad form. (Especially when it's a Georgia high school coach who's a native Floridian.) But, hey, this is the SEC. Don't tell me you're surprised.

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