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Donovan gets paid; Says he'll be a Gator for life; Top 10 do-over list

The saga is over...we hope. Billy Donovan, the prodigal son, signed a contract with the University of Florida today making him the highest paid coach in college basketball. His annual salary of $3.5 million also makes him the highest paid employee at the university. Urban Meyer, Florida's football coach, makes $3.2 million per year.

During his Welcome Back Billy Press Conference, Donovan indicated that he plans to coach at Florida until he retires. We'll see. It has been reported that Donovan cannot coach in the NBA for five years due to terms of the most recent contract he signed with the Orlando Magic to break the contract he signed with Orlando Magic that he never wanted to sign in the first place...

Donovan is probably pretty embarrassed about how this whole thing went down. He should be. He caused a lot of people in Orlando to work through the weekend. Other than a little well-deserved red face, however, Donovan shouldn't feel bad about last week's flip-flop. Dismiss what some columnists and reporters have written about Donovan in the last week. He's no coward. He's not wishy-washy. Far from it, actually. He did what he believed in despite pressure to do otherwise. Never mind that most of the pressure was caused by Donovan himself. We'll give you one mulligan, Billy. You've earned it...

That idea got me thinking. What if we all got life mulligans? Top 10 do-over list:

10) Eddie Murphy's singing career: The comedian who makes us laugh with his vocal chords ("Roxanne" in 48 Hours. The donkey singing in all those Shrek movies. Buckwheat on Saturday Night Live. There have been so many.) actually recorded an album in the 80s...remember? This was a bad idea. Here's a link to the music video to his debut song, "Party All The Time," featuring non other than Rick James. CLICK THIS LINK. The life mulligan goes to me, however, for buying the record.

9) The first guy to ever eat squash. I hate that guy.

Fordpinto 8) The scene: You walk into the Ford delearship. "Yeah, I bought this Pinto yesterday and I was thinking maybe I could just return it or maybe just trade it straight up for an El Camino."

Barneythedino 7) Barney the Dinosaur. Actually, let's just erase the color purple from the world.

6) The penny.

5) Jaws II and Jaws III

4) Heroin turned out to be a pretty bad idea.

3) "Macarena"

2) Reality TV. Take it back.

Whitesox 1) The Chicago White Sox in shorts.

What were they thinking here? Did it get too hot in Comiskey Park? 


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