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Emails I get: Foley dropped the ball


I really think that Foley dropped the ball by dragging his feet on the contract situation. I think that if Donovan had signed a contract, he would have been more commited to staying. It goes without saying that Donovan did wonders for gator basketball. But that being said, Donavan was lucky to have the 04's. That was a unique, once-in-a-lifetime situation. It will be interesting to see what kind of success Donovan has in the future. In the pros or back in college. As for the gators...if they can get Anthony Grant....they might be better off in the long run. What do you think?

jim in tampa


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Jim In Tampa,

Thanks for the great email. It's probably a little unfair to say that Florida AD Jeremy Foley "dropped the ball." Foley wanted Billy Donovan to sign a contract extension before last season. It never happened (Possibly because Donovan was waiting on the right offer from an NBA team). No one is at fault in this situation, Donovan or Foley. Foley did his best to retain his star coach but it's hard to compete with Donovan's intrigue of the NBA, the proximity of Orlando to Gainesville and, don't forget, $5.5 million a year.

You're dead on about Anthony Grant. I don't know if Florida would be better off in the long run with Grant as head coach but the program surely will not suffer. Grant is a proven coach and a talented recruiter.

Also, it shouldn't be discounted that Donovan will be right down the road. It's likely that he will be more than willing to offer Grant and the new staff some support.


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