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On the eve of SEC Media Days...Tebow rescues a small child

GAINESVILLE -- Gator Clause resumes today...amid fanfare...there was a parade. The first order of business before we fly to Birmingham, Ala., for the annual SEC Media Days? A Gator Clause refresher course for those who have been away (this includes me, who just returned from vacation). I was in Birmingham, coincidentally.

MISSION STATEMENT: This small slice of the Internet is here for you, the Florida Gators fan, to receive minute-to-minute updates of every move made by Tim Tebow...For example: Tim Tebow awoke today and bear crawled 15 miles uphill. Until this morning, such an act was impossible. (Naturally, there are no hills in this state that stretch for 15 miles). But Tebow pushed back the earth and made a mountain. Along the way he stopped to save a small child from a burning building. Once back at home, Tebow opened a few letters from his loyal fans. Here are a few examples:

Dear Mr. Tebow,

Nicholas and I decided to name our child after you. You're the best!!!


Mrs. Saban


Dear Timmy,

Just wantd to say that me and the old ladey can't weight to watch you scoar touchdowns aginst the Tennisee Vols! What tyme can we expect you for dinr?

Yer No.1 fan,



Dear Mr. Tebow,

Thank for you persuading me to stay on as the basketball coach here at school. What time can we expect you for dinner?


Billy D.


Dear Mr. Tebow,

Thank you again for redirecting the latest hurricane. That last one gave us a scare. When you get a chance, we've got some baby dolphins that need saving.

Your friend,

NOAA/ National Weather Service
National Centers for Environmental Prediction
National Hurricane Center
Tropical Prediction Center
11691 SW 17th Street
Miami, Florida, 33165-2149 USA


In addition to covering Tim Tebow, Gator Clause is dedicated to bringing you the lighter side of the Florida Gators beat. Sure, we'll have all that IMPORTANT news everybody else writes about. But you can also find stuff like this, (which actually DOES put you inside the Florida Gators locker room)...

Every Monday during the football season, Gator Clause will accept questions from Gators fans regarding the football team. Here's the fun part. I'll pick the best question and ask head coach Urban Meyer (During a press conference!!!) to answer your question. For example:

"Coach Meyer: Joseph Goodman with The Miami Herald. Manny Rameriz of Weston is a lifelong Gator fan and a dedicated reader of my blog, Gator Clause. He wanted me to ask you why you didn't go for it on fourth-and-inches from your own 20-yard line?"


IMPORTANT NEWS UPDATE: Former Gators running back Emmitt Smith was recently inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. The Pensacola native is the seventh Gator to be inducted and the first since former Florida football coach Doug Dickey in 2003.

Off to Birmingham...Gator Clause will be blogging live from the event throughout the week. Check back often and shoot me some comments.



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