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Ahhh, the ever-quotable Chris Rainey

Florida's media day highlight...

Freshman running back Chris Rainey told reporters, "I like white girls."



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I wonder if the girl he raped was white?

Over the line, phil.

Why do everybody have to make a racist comment, if he like white girls he like white

Can someone tell me why this Racist clown's comment is still there 2 days later? So much for policing your blogs.

Its there because jo knows its true. He knows that Rainey got away with more than Easterling did and that its a croc that he is a gator. You can call me as racist as you want but jo who is a former high school writer was there for everything that went down with Rainey. Just because he is required to be a gator homer now he doesnt bring it up. Chris Rainey is a cheater and a criminal and should not be allowed to have a scholarship let alone be out of jail. go talk to the ppl in lakeland who dont worship the dreadnaughts will tell you what goes on in that town. but I am a racist. ok. sounds reasonable to be labeled a racist because I called out a criminal whatever color he is.


Let it go, Phil. St. Thomas Aquinas lost to Lakeland fair and square. No need to hate on Rainey.


Im not talking about the state finals jo, who cares about a game. Im upset that a criminal is walking free. What he did was unexcusable and the fact that he was rewarded with a college scholarship is embarrassing.

But what you're saying is not true, so it's just defamatory and hateful rhetoric. So KNOCK IT OFF.


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