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Chris Rainey moving to defensive back?

GAINESVILLE -- Might Chris Rainey be making a switch to cornerback? Don't laugh. The coaches are at least thinking about the possibility.

Rainey Rainey told The Miami Herald this weekend that he was meeting with coaches to talk about helping the defense. On Monday, Florida cornerbacks coach Chuck Heater indicated that the staff has at least given thought to the idea.

"It hasn't been determined that way yet," said Heater when asked if Rainey might switch to defensive back.

Moving Rainey to defensive back sounds like a great idea. The Gators are weak at that position and Rainey is one of the quickest and fastest players on the team. His football instincts are excellent, so a move this early in his career to defensive back shouldn't set him back too much.

When you think about it, Rainey would likely have more long-term success (shot at the NFL) as a cover man/return specialist. After all, he only weighs about 160 pounds. As for the short term (college), Rainey might have to wait two or three more years to be a starter at running back. Kestahn Moore is a junior and Emmanuel Moody, the USC transfer, will be around for at least the 2008 and 2009 seasons. Even with Moore and Moody out of the picture, I don't see Rainey ever developing into the type of pass blocker needed to make UF's offense fully successful.

Rainey's abilities are too great to be wasted on a career of kick returns, field goal and punt blocks and niche offensive plays. A move to defensive back would benefit both Rainey and Florida. And, besides, Rainey's out-going personality already fits the mold of an all-American cornerback.



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Get em Duece, get em

Mr. Duece Duece,

Do you seriously think Rainey will be an every-down back in the Southeastern Conference? I know how tough the kid is. I had the privilege of covering his epic 2006 state championship win against St. Thomas Aquinas. Despite suffering a hurt shoulder late in the fourth quarter, Rainey led the Dreadnaughts to victory in overtime. He's deceptively strong, too. I've seen him run over kids nearly twice his size. Despite all that, he still will never be an every-down back at Florida. (And if he is, then something went really wrong.) Why can't he be a cornerback and still occasionally "tote the rock" on offense?


I trust Urban obviously, but this looks real stupid. We recruited this kid hard and told him he would play runningback - told him he would be the #1 guy in a year or two. That makes us look bad - not even give him a shot this year before switching.

I was looking forward to watching him eat up defenses. Oh well.

Is it sitll great to be Chris Rainey?I know UF pays him just like the people at Lakeland did, but is it still great to be Chris Rainey,he all know he only does white girls.

wow someone else bashing rainey thats not even me

I agree I think he has a better shot at DB, it was DUECE who said "Hell no", and "RAINEY WILL TOTE THE ROCK."


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