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Emails I get: Tebow not that strong

This email comes to us from Bartholomew Motes of Tallahassee...to submit your email for publication email Joseph Goodman at jgoodman@MiamiHerald.com along with your name and city of residence.

Am I the only one who was baffled at why TWO of your guys think that Tebow said that he puts up 400 pounds? I'm pretty sure that by "four" he means 4 plates aka 225.

--Bartholomew M. Motes
FSU Law Review
Founding President, Society for Chinese Law

Editor's Note: By writing "TWO of your guys," Mr. Motes is referring to me [Joseph Goodman] and Miami Herald sports columnist Israel Gutierrez.

Mr. Motes attached a link to this article, which I found to be pretty interesting. http://www.criticalbench.com/pro-athletes-bench-press.htm


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Mr. Motes,

Tebow benched 225 pounds 28 times last summer. When asked what he maxed, Tebow said, "They don't let me go over four." He meant 400 pounds. It's also possible that Tebow meant four plates on each side of the bar. 8 plates + 45-pound bar = 405 pounds.


It's OK, it's a well known fact that Seminoles are naturally weaker. It's not a surprise that Mr. Motes can't comprehend our quarterback benching more than 80% of the sorry FSU team.

Actually Paul, I'm a UF undergrad, and a Gator fan, for which I suffered the last three years. And since my email tag put my address down as Homestead, I'm surprised I got labeled as "from Tallahassee." I guess the FSU part was too tempting to resist.

I have nothing against Tebow, quite the opposite, I am a happy member of the Superman wears Tim Tebow underwear club. 400 just seems like a lot.

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