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Gator quickie: Fat people pushing other fat people

GAINESVILLE -- It's funny to watch fat people push each other around. This happened for about 10 minutes during Florida's practice on Thursday.

Circle of Cockfighting

The drill is called "Circle of Life." Here's what happens. Players square off against each other in a three-point stance. The two opposing helmets are separated by about 10 feet. A coach claps his hands or spits tobacco or drops a rose or blows a kiss or something and then said opposing helmets run full bangaroo at each other and collide.

Encasing the action is a circle of teammates cheering or placing bets or something. The point of this spectacle is to win a pushing contest. Things of this nature also happen in Mexico (and Alabama and allegedly Michael Vick's summer home).

51h52sbmmyl_aa240_Anyway, it wasn't much fun watching the defensive backs, linebackers and running backs push each other around. AND TIM TEBOW WASN'T ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE  OUT OF FEAR FOR EVERYONE ELSE. But the fat guys -- the people getting their tuition paid in full to push people around on Saturdays -- those fat guys were hilarious. So strong is Carlton Medder. He pushes people around like Neno Brown (pictured) pushes smack.




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