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Practice No. 17: More stripes removed; Exclusive séance report

14 days until kickoff ... TWO WEEKS, PEOPLE!!! Better leave South Florida now if you want to make it to Gainesville on time.

S1gremlinsstripe1 GAINESVILLE -- The removal of a thin strip of adhesive plastic from the helmets of freshmen Gators continued today. This right-of-passage occurs every fall in honor of Urban Meyer's favorite movie character (Stripe, pictured). Freshman receiver Deonte Thompson (Belle Glade) is the latest Gator to remove his sticker. (Actually, a teammate does it.)

FreshmanOther ritualized freshmen include Major Wright, Mike Pouncey, Brandon Hicks, Steve Wilks, Carlos Dunlap, Chris Rainey and Matthew Broderick (pictured).

--In related news of the occult, Billy Donovan spoke at the Gators' annual séance, Champions Night. This is when the football team gathers in the dark to summon the proper motivation needed to compete in the Southeastern Conference. This is the second year for Champions Night. It apparently worked quite well last year. Players watched a 20-minute highlight video of various champions last night. The compilation included video footage of Tiger Woods and Jerry Rice. Donovan explained the difference between believing in a teammate and trusting a teammate. Sounds like summer camp.

--A couple days ago I wrote in this blog that recruiting by way of cell phone text messaging ended on Aug. 15. I was wrong. It actually ended Aug. 1. I apologize for the mistake and will pay everyone who was deceived by the error $100. Just send me your social security number, driver's license information, mother's maiden name and checking account numbers.



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