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Practice No. 20: Lou Holtz speaks with Gators; wears a Florida cap

True story: Only one player waves to reporters every day after practice ... His name is Tim Tebow. Stunned by the gesture, reporters offer no reply save the blank stare of a small animal startled by some unexplainable force, like a a bolt of lightning or gunfire. Deer/reporter: "I don't know Steve, I can't explain it. The tree makes a loud noise and there's Joseph dead on the ground and bleeding from the ears...Tongue all hanging out."

GAINESVILLE -- Lou Holtz visited the Gators' practice today. He wants to know the same thing every college football fan in the Southeastern Conference has been wondering: Can Tim Tebow throw a football?

Lou20holtz20originalTebow answered his question. Holtz walked away from practice impressed and wearing a Florida Gators cap. Holtz (pictured, scary hands) hired Florida coach Urban Meyer in 1996. (Holtz's last season at Notre Dame.) The mentor-apprentice relationship continues. Meyer calls Holtz the "greatest motivator I've ever been around."

I think some of Holtz's famous motivational coach-speak inspired Meyer today. In a post-practice press conference, Meyer said "drag ass" or some variant of the phrase four times during a 20-second refrain.

"If you have a team that doesn't like football then they drag-ass around. When your best players are dragging ass then you have a bad team. Like I said, there's a percentage of the players that get up and drag ass all day because they're drag assers. But if your best players on offense--your Drew Millers and Tim Tebows on offense and your Brandon Spikes, Tony Joiner and Derrick Harvey [on defense], then you've got an issue and you've got to deal with it."



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