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Practice No. 22: No starting cornerbacks yet. Problem?

10 days until kickoff ...

GAINESVILLE -- Now is the time to start worrying about the secondary. Florida coach Urban Meyer is less than a fortnight away from his season opener and he still doesn't know who his starting cornerbacks will be. (Meaning, he knows who his starters are but he's not very happy about it.)

Sophomore Markihe Anderson and freshman Joe Haden are the frontrunners followed by redshirt junior Markus Manson and sophomore Wondy Pierre-Louis. Is anyone comfortable with a freshman and sophomore starting on the corners? Get prepared for a lot of zone coverages.



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No problem. Mabye they should expand their practice of attempting to interfere with other teams' players as an investigation will show they did in the in case of Jamere Holland, who was booted from the #1 USC Trojans.

As the LA Times reported on August 21st:

"Later, Carroll said representatives of other schools were contacting his players in "subtle and just kind of secondary fashion." Carroll added, "In a competitive sense, I understand why guys would eyeball our roster and look for guys here and there. We have a terrific football team, but the other side of it is it's illegal."

Troy Starr, Holland's high school coach at Taft, said he spoke to the receiver after his dismissal by Carroll.

Starr, now the director of football operations at Florida, said Holland lived in his home during high school, that he was very close to Holland's family and that he has remained in contact with the player and had encouraged him to remain at USC.

Asked if Holland was considering transferring to Florida, Starr said, "I think there are numerous schools he's going to look at."

Illegal Scroungers.....

Now just what evidence do you have that anybody at UF was tampering with any player? Sounds like sour grapes from some fan of UF or FSU who knows that they are being relegated to second class in the state by our combination of school, facilities and coaches.

If there were any evidence you bet trouble would be comming sooner rather than later.

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