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Practice No. 3: Freshmen in the pre-dawn hours

GAINESVILLE -- This college town is a quiet place at 4:30 a.m. on a Monday morning. That's what time I fired up the ol' Ford Explorer and headed down to campus for Practice No. 3, the final freshmen-only session of the Gators' training camp. The frosh join the big boys tomorrow.

Not much to report this morning other than the freshmen were scheduled to take the field at 5 a.m. but didn't actually begin practice until about 5:30. A few observations:

-Freshman wide receiver Paul Wilson is as sure-handed as they come. I haven't seen him drop a pass yet.

-Freshman punter Chas Henry, who played quarterback in high school, has a pretty good arm. For the second straight day, he lobbed deep balls during a defensive backs drill. I'd expect to see a few fake punts this season.

-I reported yesterday in the blog that freshman running back Bo Williams limped through his first practice. He appeared fine this morning.

-Freshman safety Major Wright is the leader of the young defensive backs. Wright barked orders and encouragement during nearly every drill this morning.

-A few people think freshman cornerback Joe Haden will compete for a starting position this fall. He's got a lot of work to do.

-Freshman defensive tackle John Brown is out of shape. It's understandable. He missed summer conditioning drills while attending summer school.



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