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Emails I get: Smack talk II, UF vs. The U

This bit of smack was sent to me by a Gators fan. Or maybe an FAU fan? ... Rebuttals anyone.

If a pin drops in an empty Orange Bowl, does it make a noise?

Things are testy these days in Coral Gables and their flimsy fan base, and quite frankly, i love it.

Blah Blah Blah the 1980s, blah blah blah private school, blah blah blah we make excuses for not attending games....somethings never change, but all you have to do is be a casual college football fan to see one thing that has is the pecking order in the state, and the only more laughable then you old timers living in the past is watching the seminoles flush down the toilet with you guys lol.

Can't wait till September!

-Howard Schnellenberger's Ghost... Hoot, Hoot


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And this is funny, why?

This has to be the worst blog I have ever read. I guess they don't pay you by "how many words typed." BTW your whole second paragraph is a run-on sentence.

Despite our 7-6 record, we still put out more first round talent than the gaytors. The Canes are back! Us Northwestern guys are bringing the U back, you better believe it. We are coming for the gaytors in 2008!!!

FYI, folks: I didn't write that blog entry, obviously. It was sent to me.


I can't believe the Herald allows this trash on their paper. Hey Goodman, why don't you give us some real insight on the Gators instead of posting your dumb video game scores and some stupid e-mail foward that your frat brother sent you.

Real insight: Don't take life so seriously.

Thank god this guy doesn't have a real column.

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