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Smack talk: UF vs. The U

Rebuttals anyone...

This serious piece of smack talk comes from Chuck E. Gator:
"Spare me the has beens. UM was the place to go, IN THE PAST !!! I can't wait till next year when you losers get to play in a real stadium in front of a real crowd and get you a$$ kicked all the way back to Miami."
-Nice smack talk Chuck E.
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Just like the last 6 times UM played UF, right?

UF vs the who? Not even close. The ibis has gone the way of the dodo. The real reason Miami lost its luster is that USC became Miami West, and they can no longer recruit like they did in the early 2000's. They got stood up by the RUTGERS COACH! any more proof the direction these two programs are going. I grew up a canes fan but now i"m a Gator ( I go to UF) and to be honest its not even fair to compare UF to UM, If you want to expirence REAL college football go to Gainesville.

I love how all this smack talk now when only three years ago UF was in the same situation as Miami. 7-5 and unranked. Its a rollercoaster ride with all teams. UM and FSU will rebound and in a few years UF will have an 8-4 season. Thats just the way college football is in the reduced scholarship era. USC, OSU, U-M, ND, OU. All these teams have not been without a few bumps in the road.

How is USCs success bringing Miami down. USC rarely battles Miami for recruits. I dont know of one player from S.Fla that plays for USC. Its Cokers insistance on nationally recruiting rather than concentrating on Florida that hurt Miami. This is the same issue that may come back to hurt Meyer. He is losing out on recuits in UF areas because he is concentrating nationally. If he concentrated on Fla, he would have most of his class filled up. He is instead going to face battles against USC, OSU, Michigan and wont always win.

As for the Gator fan that says he was a Cane fan, I highly doubt you were ever a real canes fan. I graduated from UF and I am still a canes fan. 4 out of 28 years isnt enough for me to change sides on the football field, but I don't talk smack about the Gators.

LOL!! I was in Gainesville watching the Canes play in a real stadium before a real crowd a few years ago. As I recall, most of the Orange and Blue crowd were outside the stadium by the end of the third quarter.

How about the last game in Atlanta. UF left EARLY "again" with their tails between their legs. Don't even come in here with that s#$t.

I don't know many UM fans who really consider UF a rival anymore like in the 80's. FSU and Virginia Tech definitely, but considering UF is so rarely on the schedule it's not that great of a rivalry other than an in state recruiting thing.

Best of luck to the Gators in 08!

The can of Whoop ass is coming to the GAY TURDS! Hahahahaha
You all will suck on us when we are done with you.

Any Gator fan that grew up a “Canes fan”, was never really a Canes fan, but you’re right. It’s not fair to compare UF and UM. UF has only won 2 National titles in 100 years - SWEEEEET! UM has won 5 in 80 years…and they’ve done it with less money, smaller facilities, and out of date equipment. And look at the Hurricane talent in the NFL!! LOL, even WITH a 7-6 season last year, they STILL put out 3 first round draft choices in the NFL. I guess, before criticizing a small S. Florida private school because of their great success in such a short period of time, you might want to look at UF’s football “progress” and ask, “What took so long?”

Chuck E is a moron! The Gators win a title and all of a sudden they are the Kings of college football? Hey Chuck! The Gators have not beaten Miami since 85. They have had their fun and good for them because it is fleeting. Miami and FSU are in the process off relegating them back to the 2nd tier program they have always been behind Miami and FSU. Chuck! have some self respect and think before you speak, because right now I'm thinking you sound like a 9 year old who just found a shiney nickel in the mud and doesn't understand that the real owner's (Miami/FSU) of that nickel are on their way to take it back.

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