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Tebow could be Solo, and other QB news

24 days until kickoff...and is it suspicious to anyone other than me that Tim Tebow and Hans Solo have never been seen together? Tebow does have all the characteristics of a rebel space pirate. Square jaw, four-day-old stubble, hairy sidekicks who utter unintelligible moans of want, the gun show. And Tebow's name pronounced backwards does sound a bit ... out of this world. "This is Mit Wobet transmitting from the planet Endor of the ninth galaxy. We're taking heavy fire. Please send in the back-up! Please send in the back-up!" 

GAINESVILLE -- Speaking of the back-up, who it be? Junior Bryan Waggener doesn't look as good as freshman John Brantley and the other freshman, Cameron Newton, is no where to be seen. Translation: Tim Tebow please stay healthy!

Big news here. Right tackle Phil Trautwein took reps on Monday as a back-up center. More offensive line news should come out of today's practice. HOW EXHILARATING!!!

Of all the athletes gifted with God-given ability on this Florida team, Percy Harvin is the stinking Pope. Some of the things he does in practice make his teammates clap. And Urban Meyer said on Monday that Harvin is playing tougher this spring than in Augusts past. Whatever that means. It made no sense to me.

Monday's prettiest play was not offered by Harvin, though. An over-the-shoulder catch made by Jarred Fayson took the prize. Fayson expects to have a good season. On Monday he said he actually knows what he's doing this year.



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