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Can Tebow take the Heisman? Will his body hold up? Let the debate begin

A blog entry to go with my story in today's paper. Here's the link. CLICK ME...

Heismanpose GAINESVILLE -- There's no denying Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is a Heisman contender. By 9 a.m. this morning Tebow already had 78 percent of the vote by Miami Herald readers in an Internet poll. I imagine his popularity among national sports writers isn't that strong but I know a few Heisman voters that would cast a ballot for Tebow if the vote were held today.

But who cares about the old sports writers. Fans get to vote for the Heisman, too. That's right. In case you didn't know, a vote was added to the award to represent college football fans. So, you guys/gals, my well-informed readers, I pose the questions to y'all and I'm hoping for some answers.

Should Tebow be happy with a trip to New York at the end of the season to watch Steve Slaton of West Virginia pick up the award?

Will Tebow even be among the finalists for the award by season's end or will he suffer too many injuries running the ball 27 times per game?

Since it appears Tebow is going to put up the numbers even if Florida loses, how many games can Florida lose and Tebow still earn a trip to New York?

Can Tebow win the award or does being a sophomore unofficially disqualify him for the award in the eyes of most stuffy sports writers?

If Florida beats Auburn and then LSU, does that make Tebow the favorite to win the award?

If not Tebow then who?


Passing: 1,097 YDS | 10 TD
1 INT | 68.4 CMP%
Rushing: 356 YDS | 7 TD


DARREN MCFADDEN, Arkansas running back

Rushing: 518 YDS | 4 TD
Passing: 42 YDS | 1 TD
Receiving: 51 YD | 0 TD

STEVE SLATON, West Virginia running back

84 ATT | 500 YDS | 9 TD
6.0 AVG | 58 LNG
7 REC | 114 YDS | 1 TD

PAT WHITE, West Virginia quarterback

Passing: 622 YDS | 6 TD
0 INT | 72.3 CMP%
Rushing: 288 YDS | 6 TD

BRIAN BROHM, Louisville quarterback

Passing: 1,697 YDS | 15 TD
3 INT | 67.9 CMP%
Rushing: 13 YDS | 1 TD

Also on the Heisman watch list: Ray Rice, Rutgers running back; Colt Brennan, Hawaii quarterback; Andre' Woodson, Kentucky quarterback; Matt Ryan, Boston College quarterback; DeSean Jackson, Cal wide receiver; John David Booty, USC quarterback; Mike Hart, Michigan running back; Dennis Dixon, Oregon quarterback.



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