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Dear Deonte: What are you thinking?

GAINESVILLE -- An upstart Internet website dedicated to covering the University of Miami reported on Monday that Deonte Thompson is unhappy at Florida and might be considering a transfer to The U. ... Nice try U guys.

It's true that Thompson hasn't set foot onto Florida Field for a game yet, but that doesn't mean he's disgruntled and ready to transfer to Coral Gables. The truth of the matter is you're more likely to start a fire underwater with a flashlight than to ever see Thompson at Miami. Thompson's roommate Major Wright indicated to reporters after practice on Monday that Thompson is fine. (And didn't Thompson jilt Miami at the 11th hour in February and sign with the Gators?)

Hey, Major. Since reporters can't speak with Deonte until he plays a game, do me a favor and pass this message onto your roommate.

Dear Deonte:

You're probably a little upset that you've been glued to the bench like a wad of forgotten bubble gum, especially when every other freshmen on the team is running around making plays. Even back-up receiver David Nelson played 30 plays against Tennessee. And still you sat and watched.

Look, kid, if you haven't figured it out already, I'll spell it out. You are going to be R-E-D-S-H-I-R-T-E-D. Take this as a compliment. Florida wants you to be the next Percy Harvin. And everyone knows that there can't be two Percy Harvins at the same time. Redshirting is not a bad thing and if you had any sense in your brain you would be happy to get any extra year at Florida. Take the time to actually learn how to catch a football and run a proper route. These are things Percy didn't know how to do last year.

And, hey, at the rate Florida's receivers are pulling up lame, your coaches won't even get to redshirt you at all. Andre Caldwell (knee) is going to miss the Ole Miss game and Riley Cooper (ankle) might not play either.

The season is only three games old. Your college football career is only three games old. Keep doing what you have been doing (working hard) and everything will work itself out.



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