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Moody does not drink the juice; Frosh Chris Rainey gets the gag order

From Tuesday's practice...

GAINESVILLE -- USC transfer Emmanuel Moody is not buying into the Gators' system. I base this opinion on an observation from Tuesday's practice. Moody refused to drink the Gator juice.

MoodyEvery day, without fail, trainers hand Florida football players a bottle of Gatorade as they're leaving the practice field. I've never seen a player refuse the stuff. That changed Tuesday, however, when Moody walked off the practice field and declined a bottle of ice cold Gatorade. The trainer was stunned. She tried to force the Gatorade upon Moody's person but the running back shifted his body to avoid touching the plastic bottle/evil potion/elixir used to brainwash the masses.

No reporter who witnessed this occurence was surprised except me. The nerve of this newcomer refusing Gatorade, right? Drink the juice. Drink the damn juice, Manny. You play football for Florida; you drink the Gator juice ... or else.

IN OTHER NEWS...My Q&A with freshman running back Chris Rainey.

RaineyQ: "Chris, why did both of your shoes come off on that punt return [against Western Kentucky]?"

A: "I can't talk."

Q: "Why not?"

A: "I can't talk."

Apparently, the guys who drink the Gator juice with breakfast, lunch and dinner have told Chris Rainey he can no longer speak with reporters. This is too bad. Rainey is one of the most enlightened players on the team and his opinions will be missed.


Riley Cooper: "Yeah, I'm the fastest white guy on the team. What are there, 11 of us?"



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Moody will come around. He's probably been drinking Poweraide out in California or some herbal juice.

Dang, I guess it sucks to be Chris Rainey. Get him off lockdown, he always has the best quotes!!!

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