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My take on the Tasering incident at UF


GAINESVILLE -- Anyone incensed by this other than me? I don't know what upsets me more: That this disgusting show of fascism happened at a university in the U.S. or that many of the people on the MiamiHerald.com message boards actually support such behavior? You silly sheep, you products of an assembly line education, you anti-Americans. Thank you Andrew Meyer for your patriotism. OK, those sentiments might be a little extreme, but regardless of what you assume or believe about WHY this happened, the truth of the matter is that a university student was Tasered during a public forum. Everything else is inconsequential. So what if he was obnoxious, so what if he rushed to the microphone, so what if he asked too many questions, SO WHAT IF HE STAGED IT or was seeking attention or has a history of practical jokes. The point is a student was assaulted by police during a public forum on a college campus for reasons unwarranted. Wake up people.



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