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Oklahoma State coach loses his cool; Calls his players children

Here's a link to columnist Jenni Carlson's column in the Daily Oklahoman ... CLICK ME

GAINESVILLE -- Off topic here but I feel compelled. Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy embarrassed himself and maybe the entire state of Oklahoma on Saturday when -- instead of talking about an important win for his program -- he decided to dress down a columnist during the Cowboys' post-game press conference.

I'm not going to waste much time on this, but Gundy's meltdown provides a little insight into why Oklahoma State (A) continues to be the redheaded stepchild of the Sooners and (B) why Carlson's column was so dead-on accurate.

(A) Need any other proof besides OSU's loss to Troy a week after Florida demolished the Sun Belt Trojans? Shouldn't Gundy be more worried about winning football games than a column in the Oklahoman? I'm sure he is --  hope he is for the sake of Oklahoma State fans -- but today the perception is that Gundy lacks focus.

(B) Gundy's planned tirade (he says it wasn't, yeah right) only strengthens the validity of Carlson's column. Carlson writes that Oklahoma State quarterback Bobby Reid is a momma's boy. There could not have been any better way for Gundy to illustrate this opinion than by screaming about how a columnist hurt Reid's feelings.

Reid is SO dejected. His feelings are SO hurt. Reid can't handle a little criticism. Reid is a baby. He's crying into his pillow right now. That's the message Gundy sends. He even calls his quarterback -- a 21-year old man -- a child. Gundy then tries to play the but-he's-only-an-amateur-athlete card. Pleeeease, we all know that defense is about as worthless as wet toilet paper. Division I-A college football is a business and Division I-A college football players are employees. End of discussion. The quarterback for a BCS conference university is a public figure and open to just as much public criticism as the head coach. Ever been to a college football game and witnessed a quarterback getting booed by his own fans? Enough said. As a general rule, reporters and columnists refrain from overly criticizing college players for game-time mistakes. But Reid should be held accountable for laughing it up on the sidelines during an OSU loss. He did get benched for a reason, right?

It's obvious Gundy coddles the ego's of his players. Maybe if he treated his players like men and not children then OSU would win more football games.





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