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Oklahoma State coach loses his cool; Calls his players children

Here's a link to columnist Jenni Carlson's column in the Daily Oklahoman ... CLICK ME

GAINESVILLE -- Off topic here but I feel compelled. Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy embarrassed himself and maybe the entire state of Oklahoma on Saturday when -- instead of talking about an important win for his program -- he decided to dress down a columnist during the Cowboys' post-game press conference.

I'm not going to waste much time on this, but Gundy's meltdown provides a little insight into why Oklahoma State (A) continues to be the redheaded stepchild of the Sooners and (B) why Carlson's column was so dead-on accurate.

(A) Need any other proof besides OSU's loss to Troy a week after Florida demolished the Sun Belt Trojans? Shouldn't Gundy be more worried about winning football games than a column in the Oklahoman? I'm sure he is --  hope he is for the sake of Oklahoma State fans -- but today the perception is that Gundy lacks focus.

(B) Gundy's planned tirade (he says it wasn't, yeah right) only strengthens the validity of Carlson's column. Carlson writes that Oklahoma State quarterback Bobby Reid is a momma's boy. There could not have been any better way for Gundy to illustrate this opinion than by screaming about how a columnist hurt Reid's feelings.

Reid is SO dejected. His feelings are SO hurt. Reid can't handle a little criticism. Reid is a baby. He's crying into his pillow right now. That's the message Gundy sends. He even calls his quarterback -- a 21-year old man -- a child. Gundy then tries to play the but-he's-only-an-amateur-athlete card. Pleeeease, we all know that defense is about as worthless as wet toilet paper. Division I-A college football is a business and Division I-A college football players are employees. End of discussion. The quarterback for a BCS conference university is a public figure and open to just as much public criticism as the head coach. Ever been to a college football game and witnessed a quarterback getting booed by his own fans? Enough said. As a general rule, reporters and columnists refrain from overly criticizing college players for game-time mistakes. But Reid should be held accountable for laughing it up on the sidelines during an OSU loss. He did get benched for a reason, right?

It's obvious Gundy coddles the ego's of his players. Maybe if he treated his players like men and not children then OSU would win more football games.





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I can see that you are about as good at what you do as Jenni Carlson.

Your point (A) is completely off base, and your point (B) is even worse than the Carlson piece.

In fact you are just a piece of sh#t. That isn't really just my opinion, like I said it is a fact. It has to be since I heard a rumor stating that about you on a University of Miami fan message board.

See how easy that is?


Rumor on the boards is you had to take a couple years of from college due to being caught committing plagiarism. Care to comment?

wow, you're a real idiot to try and speak for people in Oklahoma or any other fans for that matter. It sounds like you are taking the defensive media line to me.
Gundy has been nothing but praised by fans from dozens of team fan sites. Only the media sees problems with his actions. Ironic isn't it? Gundy defended his own and now the media is calling him out trying to defend their own.
You need to do more research about the Oklahoman, it's owner, OSU's rival, and the history of this particular writer's slant towards OSU before you stick your foot in your mouth as well.

Try some research before you blindly defend a fellow media tool. I like a lot of what you write, but you lost all credibility with this nonsense. This goes to show, when you can't play, write. While the vast majority will cheer Gundy, you and your "journalist" egos will be the only ones that take offense. Freedom of speech goes both ways. If Coach Meyer would have said the same, I doubt you would have been compelled.

Perhaps you should look at the public opinion polls on this topic before you dig yourself a little deeper. The only sopport for your position is coming from (Gasp!) other PRINT media members. The fact is, Gundy stuck up for one of his players against a "piece" that was written for the sole purpose of dragging the kids name through the mud. As most coaches, players, and members of the public are saying loud and clear.... GOOD FOR MIKE GUNDY!

You prove that you are ignorant of the situation by your writing of this column.

The rant had nothing to do with the feelings of Bobby Reid. The rant was about the lies that were in the article. Sure Gundy wants to protect the kids that play for him. I'd sure as hell would rather see that than have a coach that throws them under the bus the way Mike Leach did following the OSU/Tech game.

It wasn't a news story, it was clearly not even an OP-Ed piece. It was a hatchet job by a hack writer in a paper that has been listed as the "worst newspaper in America" by the Columbia Journalism Review. It wasn't her opinion, if you actually read what she wrote, it was full of "rumor and rumblings" and "the word on the street is" and my favorite "and if you connect the dots" type lines. Those all mean that this piece of crap story has zero attributable quotes and is 100% speculation, gossip, and rumor.

Gundy's tirade was not planned. If it were, he would have been more articulate. If you knew the man, you would know that. But as is the case with more reporters reporting from a distance, they side with the reporter and against the coach. Yet fans around the country for every team (save the Sooners) seem to be squarely in Gundy's corner.

This wasn't journalism, this was garbage. Gundy has been called many names by reporters around the country over the last couple days. The funny thing is that it takes a lot of balls to directly confront the person in the way he did it. Yet there isn't a video to be had that shows Gundy say the name of the paper nor the name of the columnist.

Just in case you can't "connect the dots" from your high horse, let me do it for you. Oklahoma State's biggest rival is Oklahoma (in all sports though OU views Texas as it's football rival but OSU in everything else). The Oklahoman is owned by the Gaylord family. What do you think the name of the stadium that the Sooners play football? I'm sure you don't know, but it is the Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium.

Be careful who you defend on this issue and before you take a stand, do some freaking homework.

I find it funny how many reporters are up in arms that Gundy refused to talk about the game after a win. What does that matter? it was a win and a big conference win at that. When he was done he sent out Larry Fedora (you remember him don't you) and some players. So it wasn't as if there was no feedback on the game. It just didn't come from Gundy.

David Harrell
Carl Junction, MO

You are like a child who wanders into the middle of a movie. Read more than 4 paragraphs of this tripe and then try to defend this c*nt. I thought the Oklahoman had the lockdown on hack sports writers, but google has proved me wrong. Congrats.

You are an embarrassment to the state of Florida, sir. This mentality of the media with the “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” is two sided. If you like your opinion heard, don’t piss off the readers. Also, You make me want to puke!

Unbelievable...I guess making personal attacks on amatuer athletes is ok with you? You media tools sticking up for each other is beyond ridiculous. Ms. Carlson doesn't have a leg to stand on, and neither do you. Mike Gundy is absolutely doing the right thing by standing up for player against this crap. College football is more about developing young men than winning football games, and coaches should be concerned with developing the young men. And your degradation of the Oklahoma State program by calling it the red-headed stepchild in Oklahoma is completely indicative of your media sticking up for other media toolishness. Jog off.

You make me want to puke.

Try reading the article douchebag!

It's so hipocrytical for sportswriters to critcize Gundy for sticking up for his player, and then shamelesly stick up for one of their own. It's so conveniant they don't even mention the complete untruths in her article. She made fun of a college kid who got benched, and spread untrue gossip about him. Why the hell shouldn't she be called out?

You are just like every other media writer, jump on the bandwagon without getting your facts straight. We should start calling you Jenny Carlson.

Typical, one media gossip rag columnist defending another.

Look at all of these posted comments, everyone thinks that what Mike Gundy did was in defence of his player and is in full support of it, except for those of you in the media.

youre an idiot!

I check out the plagiarism rumor myself and it's false. Still think your wrong about Gundy though.

It seems to me that you are taking offense to Mike Gundy's "tirade", as so many journalists have tagged it. Many of you journalists sit and criticize anyone and everyone when you get the chance, and now that someone has criticized a journalist for some shoddy reporting, you all have to jump to her defense. If you were familiar with the OSU program, and what has been going on, you would realize that Carlson's article is based on rumors and she lists no credible sources. As for your "MIKE-GUNDY-WILL-LOSE-HIS-JOB-SOON VIDEO", the Oklahoma State Athletic Director has already said that he supports Gundy.

You, like most journalists, have probably never played competitive sports in your life and don't realize that most players would love to play for a coach that supports them.

Why don't you stick to issues closer to home because you are the one that sounds like an idiot.

The media have turned modern sports into a hyped up spin machine from hell. Now that a coach is calling it into question, the media is in an cover mode trying to protect their guilty fannies.

It's funny how so many fans agree that the media have gotten completely out of control, yet every one of you d-bags in the media are protecting yourselves. Stick to what you're good at...since it sure as hell isn't writing.


Why don't you write a real news article and find out why you guys in the media and the average sports fan are on totally different sides of this issue. I didn't read one reader comment that agreed with view of the issue.

and I thought Jenni was the worst writer in the US. Congrats on winning the title.

You are a dumba$s....

Jenni and I take turns pulling ideas out of each others asses.


You are spot-on dude.

You're hearing the same I-net despots that are always defending OSU.

Here's an idea. Why don't you write about their star linebacker who raped the 12 year old. That will shut them up, albeit until they blame the "12" year old. Do this, and then watch the fur fly.

They will say he has not been convicted yet.

They will also not tell you that his DNA was found in the girl, along with that of three other of his friends. No, they will smoke screen that.

Mack Brown pulled this players scholly offer after this event.

OSU has a real bad case of "Manhood" envy of the "Other" program in that state, and it wells-up until it manifests itself as in what you are seeing now.

Baboon Pickens State at its' finest.

You have to love a good melt-down, even at their level, no?


They also won't tell you that the Gaylords are one of their biggest contributors. Oh, the Aggie conundrum. You see, it kind of hurts the crediblity of their "argument".

Why is it you arrogant media types think you are above criticism, yet you can criticize? Try viewing some of the things you write from the point of view of your victims.


They also won't tell you that the Gaylords are one of their biggest contributors. Oh, the Aggie conundrum. You see, it kind of hurts the crediblity of their "argument".

Dr. Phil Matesti,

It is apparent that you have nothing better to do than dig up dirt on Okie State. Talk about little brother syndrome. How do I get one of those gas cards?

this is most idiotic column i have ever read. first off the daily oklahoman is always attacking the coaching staff and players and i find it refreshing for a coach to da that. i know that the world is not out to get ou or osu but the media should be held accountable for slanderous articles .
if i was Gundy i would have filed a petition to have media idiots like you and jeni banned from the campus.

""They also won't tell you that the Gaylords are one of their biggest contributors. Oh, the Aggie conundrum. You see, it kind of hurts the crediblity of their "argument".

Posted by: Dr. Phil Matesti.""

If only the Gaylords are dontating the money with no strings attached. Ever thought that the reason they are a contributor is so they can advertise their paper's name around the stadium??? Get your facts right ZeroU fan. Go back to your house on wheels.

If I were a faithful follower of Florida athletics, I would stop throwing my money away on a newspaper that would rather cover an event half-a-continent away than what's happening in my own backyard.

Why don't you mind your own damn business, and for that matter, if you're going to go poking into matters you have no basis for covering, how about you get your facts straight before spewing crap like this on your blog?

Well Joseph,

I thought I was on your side. I thought I was helping you stand against the unwashed hoards, by pointing out their hypocritical falacious arguments that they foment.

The "Most evil fuel card villian" is suspended for the year, and he has had his day in court. The "Rapist" was recruited while he was/is under indictment, and has now played for going on two seasons. Yeah I see how one could compare "Gang Rape of a twelve year old" to theft of gasoline.

Maybe, Joseph, this is really what it looks like to simple types (Jeff), or maybe this "Tempest in a Teapot" is just a deflection off a bad season that is underway. It's great for rallying the faithfull. They wanted him fired last week. This event will lose its' meaning to them by the end of October. It will then be used against him when the loses pile up. Such is sports, sport.

Hey Jeff, I'm going back to my "Mobile Home" now (do we have any mobile homes here in North Scottsdale?).

Also Jeff, your right. Don't take the money from any contributor with strings attached. You all would never do that. (God this is too easy).

It's obvious you have no clue what you are talking about.

You appear to have done as much homework as your comrade Jenni Carlson.

Do some research and get your facts straight before making yourself look like an idiot in the future.

You are a complete idiot. Guess thats why you are assigned to writing blogs dipsh#t.

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