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Prepare yourself for drunken madness...

In honor of inebriation ...

GAINESVILLE -- In the words of my best friend Kevin Bryant "The Skinny Bandit" Jackson, "prepare for drunken madness" next Saturday in Baton Rouge, La.

Kickoff for Florida vs. Louisiana State Part I (a.k.a. The Greatest Game Since McDonald's Monopoly; Book title: A Quiet Death; Movie title, with Cajun accent: Tebow in de' 'Bye-ooh'; B-rated movie title: Tim Tebow and the Rise of the Flesh Eating Nutrias; Newspaper headline: 'Gators Gumbo-ed') is set for 8:30 p.m.

The place will reek of bourbon by that time. I cannot overstate the psychosis that will befall, be-spell, be-hammer Tigers Stadium if both teams win this weekend. It will be the biggest regular season home game in the history of LSU football and even the ground will be drunk by kickoff. The bottles and flasks will fly, friends.

Kevinkeith_dancing*In case you were wondering, The Skinny Bandit (guy on the left looking skinny) was indeed named after Bear Bryant. That's how we roll in Bama. The Skinny Bandit would be an appropriate name for Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville, but The Skinny Bandit assures us a swift death (double-tap, back of the head) if his name and Tuberville's ever appear in the same sentence.



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