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Is the SEC overrated?

GAINESVILLE — Florida coach Urban Meyer said on Monday that he has “never seen anything like what is going on in the SEC East.”

          Interpret that three ways: 1. Parity is allowing the conference to eat itself to death. 2. The SEC is just grossly overrated. 3. All of the above.



          If you’re a diehard supporter of the Southeastern Conference, as most God-fearing Southerners are, this is your theory. You believe, unflinchingly, that the SEC is the best college football conference in the country. You believe this so passionately that your blood pressure spiked so quickly after reading these next words that your eyeballs started to burn and pulsate and your neck broke out in a rash: The best of the Pac-10 is better than the best of the SEC. This is hogwash, of course, and isn’t worth two squirts of your tobacco spit and you’ve just decided that the writer of this blog MUST be some kind of stardust-wearing, fish eater from Oregon. (Actually, I’m from Birmingham, Ala., home of the SEC.)


Factual evidence proving THEORY ONE: Parity

Sec 1. A remarkable number of SEC teams (11), still have a fighting chance to win the SEC. The number will shrink dramatically after Saturday, but, for now, all teams not coached by Houston Nutt (Arkansas), who started the season with the BEST player (RB Darren McFadden), allegedly, in the BEST conference (SEC), allegedly, can still earn a BCS bowl berth.

2. Most teams are good enough to beat a good team. Proof: 10 of 12 SEC teams have wins against at least one Top 25 opponent.

3. The SEC is 32-5 (86 percent success rate) against non-conference opponents.

4. Seven SEC teams (most by any conference) are ranked in the Top 25 AP and coaches polls. By comparison, the Pac-10 has but three teams ranked.


THEORY TWO: Overrated

          A Southerner’s take: This is your theory if you’re illogical and haven’t watched any football this season and just hate the SEC because the only thing you can really compare it to is the NFL.

          The take of anyone else not lucky enough to be a Southerner: If Mississippi State beat Auburn and Mississippi State lost to West Virginia and West Virginia lost to South Florida and South Florida beat Auburn but lost to Connecticut, then how could the SEC be considered the best conference in the country? And if Tennessee beat South Carolina and South Carolina beat Georgia and Georgia beat Florida and Florida beat Tennessee and Tennessee was demolished by California, how could the SEC be better than the Pac-10?


Factual evidence proving THEORY TWO: Overrated

Pac10logo 1. The SEC is 5-5 against BCS conference opponents.

---ACC (2-1, last season 7-1): LSU 48, Virginia Tech 7; Florida State 21, Alabama 14; South Carolina 21, North Carolina 15; Florida State at Florida; Georgia at Georgia Tech; Clemson at South Carolina; Wake Forest at Vanderbilt.

---Big East (2-1, last season 0-2): South Florida 26, Auburn 23 (OT); Kentucky 40, Louisville 34; West Virginia 38, Mississippi State 13

---Big 12 (2-1, last season 2-2): Auburn 23, Kansas State 13; Georgia 35, Oklahoma State 14; Missouri 38, Ole Miss 25

---Pac-10 (0-1, last season 3-1): California 45, Tennessee 31


Opinions anyone?




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