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LSU vs. Auburn: Dumbest call in the history of sports?

GAINESVILLE -- So I was listening to 850-AM in Gainesville about 15 minutes ago and former Florida quarterback Shane Matthews referred to LSU's play call to end the Tigers' game against Auburn as "the dumbest call in the history of sports."

In case you missed it, LSU coach Les Miles called for a pass to the end zone as time was expiring against Auburn. LSU receiver Demetrius Byrd (Miami Central) caught a 22-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Matt Flynn with one second left in the game and LSU won 30-24. It was a bizarre call for two reasons: 1. The game clock was running when LSU lined up for the play. Only eight seconds remained on the game clock when LSU snapped the ball. 2. LSU didn't need a touchdown to win the game. Auburn had a one-point lead and LSU still had one timeout. Obviously, a safer play call would have been to run one more play, call timeout with two or three seconds left in the game and then kick a field goal.

Thoughts anyone?...

For my money, the dumbest call in the history of sports happened three weeks ago before the LSU-Florida game when a LSU fan called into a radio station and said that Matt Flynn was Tim Tebow but with an arm.



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