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Major Wright really was wearing a boxing glove; P. Harvin has a "strained" shoulder

GAINESVILLE -- I wrote two days ago that it looked like Florida safety Major Wright was wearing a boxing glove wrapped in gauze bandaging during the Georgia game. Turns out he really was.

I spoke with Wright today after practice and he said he likely will wear the boxing glove again on Saturday against Vanderbilt. Wright (Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas) broke his thumb while making a tackle against Kentucky. He played only on special teams against Georgia.

--The team seems to have adopted some kind of "us against the world" mentality and the disdainful attitude, apparently, is supposed to include reporters.

--Florida coach Urban Meyer indicated on Tuesday that the Gators' injury-depleted defensive line might switch to a three-man front at times against Vanderbilt. Also, freshman offensive lineman Mike Pouncey practiced at defensive line some today.

--Shelley Meyer, Urban's wife, will introduce her hubbie at Gator Growl. Should be entertaining.

--Florida receiver Percy Harvin practiced with a shoulder support today. He said he has a "strained" right shoulder. Meyer plans to use Harvin in the backfield more than usual against Vanderbilt to take some pressure off of quarterback Tim Tebow, who suffers from a sore shoulder.



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Told ya that Urban's lame offense can't win on a consistent basis. He's garbage. He won with Zook's players and won't win again. Back to the pack you Gayturds!

Lol! jealous much gator hater?? You sound like a jaded ex-girlfriend trying to get your kicks in while you can, cause you know it will be long, long, long time before you get another chance.
What's even sadder is even in a down year for Florida, we still have a remote outside possibilty of being East Champs. We need a few breaks, but hey so does everyone else and if we win out; we hold the tie breakers.
No matter, next year you go back to bottom dwellar like you are almost every year.

PS. We return almost everyone! And his lame offense was with everyone till the end with nothing more than freshman and a few sophmores. Next year everyone will have grown a few whiskers and you will be praying that Florida keeps the scores closer to what Spurrier did against you when he was at Florida. Now tell your mother to stop calling me late at night, I'm not interested!

Didn't know you had it in you, Bill. Serious smack talk there. Should probably avoid momma talk, though. Words to live by: Never talk about someone's momma or their teeth or their momma's teeth.


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