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State attorney closes case against UF's Joiner; Anyone out there still think Joiner won't play

GAINESVILLE -- Florida safety Tony Joiner, charged with a felony on Tuesday, was cleared of any wrongdoing today, announced a spokesman for the state attorney's office.

Joiner was arrested early Tuesday morning and charged with burglary of a dwelling (a second-degree felony) when he allegedly broke into a towing service's impound yard and attempted to retrieve his girlfriend's car. Spencer Mann, chief investigator of the eighth judicial district, said on Friday that his office closed the case after reviewing the case report.

"Based on the information, we cannot sustain a criminal charge," Mann said. "The case is therefore closed."

Florida coach Urban Meyer said on Thursday that Meyer would not play if his star safety remained accused of a felony on Saturday. No. 9 Florida (4-1, 1-1 SEC) plays No.1 Louisiana State (5-0, 2-0 SEC) at 8:28 p.m. on Saturday.

Meyer said in a statement on Friday that Joiner would make the trip to the Baton Rouge with the team.

Meyer's statement: "Tony being out late on Monday is not consistent with the expectations of a leader and a team captain of our football program. Tony is no longer a captain of the Gator football team and he will pay a heavy price for his behavior internally for the next four weeks."

(Gator Clause called this outcome on Tuesday. Anyone out there think Joiner still won't play?)



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Anyone in the Gator Nation ashamed that Stan Forron and the Urban Myth look like a pair of Homers?

War Eagle!

Screw the Gators... If that was a Hurricane, he'd probaly be suspended for the year, and maybe kicked off of the team... The Gators have had 8 players arrested in less than a year, so somethinng needs to be done with Meyer's out of control team... They think they are above the law!!!! Go Canes!!!!

How freaking convenient! 3 days must be a record for the state. Good thing UF isn't playing West Carolina Community College tomorrow, or this case might go on for a week or more!!! Meyer is slime.

Convenience works. The talk is the Gators have been taking UM recruits. Maybe it is true as recent events indicate.

What would he be suspended for? Not being charged? And Miami fan give it a rest.

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