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UGA 42, UF 30: Gators lose to Georiga for third time in 18 years

JACKSONVILLE -- Just got back from the post-game press conferences. Florida quarterback Tim Tebow was emotional, fighting back tears when asked about how if feels to lose to Georgia. The Gators lost 42-35 on Saturday at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium. Tebow was sacked six times. He entered the game having been sacked only five times.

More analysis later. Gotta write my stories for the paper now.



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Hahaha, how does if feel Tebow. You suck just like I do. 3 losses ... you are SO over-hyped!!!

Now thats funny, I don't care who ya are. That there funny.

UF is a ONE MAN TEAM....

And you can't win for long with that strategy...

I am happy to see Rutgers cinderella dress finally came off, after Shiano turned down Miami, what was he thinking??

USF didnt even get a chance to put it on before reality set in. They are one hit wonders.

Urban Meyer is the equivalent to Larry Coker he will forever be haunted by the fact that he only won with Zook's players.

USC is slowly headed down, down, down.

All this means one thing Miami is going to be on top by next year. I cant wait.

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