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G3: Florida 105, N.C. Central 51

GAINESVILLE -- Chandler Parsons led the Gators with 22 points, eight rebounds and seven assists and Florida beat N.C. Central 105-51.

Me and Mike-Mike McCall could have beaten N.C. Central. Mike-Mike is laughing right now.

Florida (3-0)
Chandler Parsons 22 points, seven assists, eight rebounds, three steals
Marreese Speights, 19 points, two assists, nine rebounds, two blocks
Nick Calathes 16 points, eight assists, four rebounds
Alex Tyus 13 points, five rebounds, two blocks
Walter Hodge nine points, two assists, four rebounds, three steals
Adam Allen seven points, one assist, two rebounds


Another timeout. (Just thinking aloud here: Why must we have timeouts?) Alex Tyus slammed home another DUNK and Florida leads 78-35 with 11:17 left. That's it, folks. This blog is done (40-point no-blogging threshold reached). Check back in a few for the final score and stats.

TIMEOUT. Monster alley-oop DUNK from Nicky Calathes to Alex Tyus. Tyus now with four points (all on dunks). Calathes with seven assists. Florida 73, NC Central 35, 13:32. Florida up by 38 points. Shutting down the live blog if no one is reading. Gotta write my game story for the newspaper. Please tell me if you're still reading.

Parsons having a career (three games now) night. He just scored a mid-range jumper after a Jai Lucas three-point miss. Parsons has 14 points. Why in the world is Lucas still shooting threes with a 34-point lead? Florida 66, NC Central 32, 15:08.

Starting to think Nicky Calathes can't dunk. He just had an easy breakaway and he opted for the lay-up. YOU GOTTA DUNK THAT, [expletive]. (To quote an Adam Sandler movie.) Florida 59, NC Central Eagles 26. Nearing the no blog threshold now. FYI: A 40-point Florida lead is the no-blogging threshold. 17:30

BREAKING NEWS: The Dazzlers changed from shiny orange tops to shiny blue tops at halftime. In other news, the second half started.

HALFTIME Florida 57, NC Central 25

Speights 13 points, five rebounds and one assist.
Calathes 12, 1, 6
Parsons 12, 3, 5
Werner 5, 2, 4
Allen 5, 2, 0
Lucas 4, 0, 2
Hodge 4, 1, 0
Tyus 2, 2, 0
Mitchell 0, 0, 0 (But Mitchell does have two fouls!)

Florida freshman forward Alex Tyus DUNKS for his first points of the night. Nice no-look assist from Nicky Calathes. Calathes with six assists in the first half. KEY STAT: Florida is outrebounding NC Central 19-6. ANOTHER KEY STAT: NC Central couldn't beat Fort Lauderdale Dillard's or Hialeah Miami-Lakes' junior varsity teams. (OK, maybe HML.) Florida 57, NC Central 24, 30.6 seconds left in the half.

Parsons fouled while shooting a three-pointer. He made 2-of-3 (Florida's first missed free throw of the night; Gators are 6-of-7). Florida 55, NC Central 22, 1:45 left in the half.

Timeout now. Three Gators in double figures already: Speights (13), Calathes (12) and Parsons (10). Florida again playing unselfishly. The team has 16 assists. Calathes with five assists and Parsons and Werner with four.

Chandler Parsons is feasting off of his mismatch. He just went on his own little Parsons-mini-run (five points) and now has 10 points, including two three-pointers. Parsons has also tossed a pair of assists inside to a cutting Nicky Calathes. (Parsons has four assists total). The kid is having a great game. Florida 48, NC Central 20. 3:38 (What a terrible game! Makes you appreciate what's important in life, the Dazzlers.)

Everybody is always knocking Dan Werner but the guy is actually pretty good. He understands Billy's offense more than any other player and it is showing tonight. Werner has five points and four assists. And Speights just DUNKED Shaq style (knees lifting into the air towards the rim) to give Florida a 39-20 lead, 5:43.

Florida cruising now. Dan Werner three-pointer followed by Hodge (did he just get rim?) and Speights again inside. Florida 33, NC Central 16.

Country Boy Adam Allen gets on the board for the first time tonight with a nice baseline move. Florida 26, NC Central 12...No sign of Florida sophomore Jon Mitchell. Florida's nine-man rotation seems to be only eight tonight.

Timeout and time for some important blogging analysis. The dancers looks great in their shiny orange tops. The Dazzlers could probably beat NC Central inside. Mo Speights is dominating the paint with six points in less than eight minutes. Calathes has eight points, including a three-pointer. UF 21, NC Central 10. 11:42 

Chandler Parsons enters the game and immediately knocks down a three-pointer. Nicky Calathes adds a three-pointer of his own. These freshmen are fearless. UF 21, NC Central 9. 12:02

Lucas appears fine. Worthy was charged with an intentional foul and Lucas made both free throws. Florida 13, NC Central 9 (14:22). NC Central has made three three-pointers and turned the ball over five times.

Ouch! Florida guard Jai Lucas fouled hard going up for a fastbreak lay-up. NC Central's J'Mell Worthy, the offending party, collided with Lucas and both players crashed hard to the court. Lucas landed on his right side and smacked his head. The freshman guard is up and walking. Billy calls timeout so Lucas and remember who he is and where he's at (15:43). Florida 11, NC Central 6.

NC Central might be the smallest basketball team in Divsion I-A. These guys lost to Duke 121-56 to begin the season.

The blowout is underway, folks. Three minutes into the game here at the O'Dome and NC Central has only taken one shot (compared to three turnovers). Florida guard/forward Nick Calathes converted a three-point play to give the Gators a 5-0 lead (19:21).

UF Starters
F Dan Werner
C Mo Speights
G Walter Hodge
G/F Nick Calathes
G Jai Lucas


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