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FAN RANT: So good we had to give him his own headline!

GAINESVILLE -- Every week or so or whenever Gator Clause gets a well-written comment from a Gators fan (theoretically this could happen every day if more people commented), Gator Clause will blog the comment, give it a headline and bow to its brillance out of respect to the well-informed fan. This week's rhetorical masterpiece comes from Adam Malley, a student attending the University of Florida. (Gator Clause has no idea where Malley is from.)

Malley writes in response to the idea of Kestahn Moore starting at running back this weekend:
Moore"Moore should start, but only so he can get his fumbles out against an FAU team we have no chance of losing to. That way when an FSU team, that NEEDS its defense to make a big play to win, comes to town he will be benched and not have a chance to cost us the game.


Nsbarber"Moore reminds me of Tiki Barber from three or four years back before Tom Coughlin got there the way he always fumbled cause he held the ball like an a-hole. The only difference is UF has other people to touch the ball without the offense missing a beat whereas the Giants didn't and had to keep feeding Tiki.

OmareppsFixing the way you hold the ball can't happen during the season, so that's what Kestahn needs to do all next spring and summer. Urban needs to make him walk around campus in the spring holding a ball a la Omar Epps in "The Program". Let the other players try to knock it away throughout the day.

"Hey, it worked in the movies."


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