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Five reasons why Tebow won't win the Heisman

Understand what you are witnessing people, Tim Tebow is Larry Csonka with an arm and good looks...That makes him the god of football.

GAINESVILLE -- In no particular order, five reasons why Florida sophomore quarterback Tim Tebow will not win the Heisman Trophy.

1. He's a sophomore.

2. He's a sophomore.

3. He's a sophomore.

4. He's a sophomore.

5. He's a sophomore.



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Screw those old ass voters that feel that a sophmore shouldn't win a heisman. It's because they were never that good, not even in there senior year when most of them won their heisman.

To the contrary, UF Peru, I imagine that former Heisman winners might be more inclined to vote for the Tebster than Dennis Dixon just because a football player understands the absurdity of Tebow's talents. Now, old-ass SPORTS REPORTERS are a different beast. These guys think they know everything. (Because sports reporters young and old, male and female, fat and skinny inherently think they know everything). Set in their know-it-all-ed-ness, the writing contingency of the Heisman vote might be more likely to vote for the upperclassman "just 'cause."

(To clear up any confusion, about 900 people vote for the Heisman Trophy. The voting community includes media types and former Heisman winners.)


Just because he's a sophmore dosen't mean he can't get it, it just mean that it would be a rough challenge, and I believe with everything right that he can and might just make that challenge especially since he is a dual threat QB.

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