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Harvin misses his fourth practice; Gator Clause offers a few holistic cures for a stubborn sinus infection

GAINESVILLE -- Florida's dynamic sophomore receiver/running back Percy Harvin missed his fourth practice today due to migrane headaches, according to Florida coach Urban Meyer.

Harvin, who missed Saturday's game against South Carolina becaue of the same illness, attempted to work out with the team today but had to quit when his migrane headaches returned. Meyer said last week that Harvin was "under the weather" with a sinus infection.

In the spirit of Ricky Williams, here's a few folk remedies and holistic cures Harvin might consider this week with mighty Florida Atlantic looming...(from our friends at EarthClinic.com)


Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is our favorite remedy for stopping sinus infections. We wish more people knew about this amazing home remedy for sinus infections. The idea is to take apple cider vinegar before the sinus infection occurs, which for most people is at the start of allergies, colds, flu, etc.

Apparently it works wonders! After drinking this recipe hot, your sinus congestion will disappear REAL fast. All these ingredients not only work on the immediate symptoms, but add plenty of vitamin C to fight a cold, and garlic to fight infection."


Add 1 cup tomato juice, 1 tsp chopped fresh garlic, 1/2 tsp of hot sauce, 1 tsp lemon juice, and a pinch or two of celery salt for flavor. Heat ingredients and drink hot.

Ted writes, "My father once had a sinus problems for 20 years. He cured his sinus problems by taking large dosages of vitamin C for about 1-2 months. I had the same sinus problem and vitamin C did indeed work - it runs in the family, I guess.

Mayo Clinic some years ago did a study on sinus infections and its causes. It turns out that a large majority of people who have sinus issues had a fungus infection in their sinus areas. The cause turns out that it came from mildew and fungus of the carpets. If you clean the carpet or remove it that might just help the problem. Also, drinking diluted tea tree oil, thyme oil, might complement by clearing the blood area as well.

Jerry from Clay Springs, AZ writes, "I've had chronic sinus infections all my life. I decided to follow Doug Kaufman's Phase 1 diet for a few months to see if that might make a difference. I have now been on this diet for a year this month. This has been the best winter for me ever, I'm 52 yrs old. I haven't had all the respiratory ailments that I normally experience every year. Just to test if the foods to avoid might be the culprit, I ate some off the diet at Christmas and the sinus came back. I took the herbs and supplements he suggests and it is all cleared up. I know now that my problem was fungus and all the antibiotics I've taken in the past, also sugar and corn was killing me."

Mamta from Indiana writes, "i haven't taken any off the counter medicines for colds since 5 yrs !! and my condition was pretty bad when i came to the US. we got Ajwain seeds from an indian store or you will find it in the indian section of a chinese food store . Ajwain is indian oregano but very strong. every time i get a cold and chest is congested...i take one tsp of ajwain and roast it on a flat pan. once it starts to smoke , quickly put in a kitchen tissue and take deep inhalations, it makes you sneeze since all the nerve in the nose are raw from the cold....but in 5 minutes it all peaceful, no more colds. and RELIEF...esp. helpful in asthmatic attacks.....also have a strong concoction of ginger,black pepper, clove, basil and cinnamon...boil it in water for 5-10 min and after it cools a bit put a tsp of honey and have it hot. honey should not be heated. according to Ayurveda all these thing reduce phlegm in the body.... enjoy"

Cherry from Cayman Islands writes, "Tried neti pot but that only facilitated the mucus to leave my sinuses. Tried acupuncture and that helped a lot, but when on a course of Phellostatin and that was my first real relief...along with one capsule of Cayenne pepper which took away the post nasal drip...this should not be taken too often as it moves the blood and really clears the system. Chronic sinusitis with digestive problems...it was felt by myself and my acupuncturist that fungus was my problem even though I had take Diflucan almost 2x a month.Acupuncture really helps me along with the Phellostatin and the Cayenne Pepper. Acupuncture assists the body to do the clearing and healing needed. Acupuncture was my final and last straw to try as I had tried most conventional medicine doctors and their treatments. Nasal sprays and prednisone. I do stay away from dairy products, but am now noticing that even if I have some I do not react with inflammation as I did before! I can eat cheese and not sneeze or get stuffy anymore. Wish I had gone this route from the beginning."

Meth from Los Angeles writes, "I also have a question besides sharing my experience with the Wild Indigo herbal extract from Eclectic Institute. I have used it for the last two years, and it works better than the Grape Seed Extract (GSE) for me. I take 15-20 drops along with 10-12 drops of Echinacea/Golden Seal extract 3 times per day for 10-14 days. However, if you are a first-time user of Wild Indigo, start at a low dose of 5 drops and then increase it, otherwise you may vomit as I did on the second day when I first used it and I started at a high dose. I typically see definite improvement in my symptoms in 4-5 days. This remedy, however, treats the bacterial infection of sinus, not any fungal problem or the underlying cause. 


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