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Heisman News: Spurrier won't reveal his Heisman vote

Rumors from the 305: Miami is already breaking down film of Tim Tebow for the 2008 season opener. The 'Canes even brought in Jimmy Johnson to help analyze the film and devise a proper defense. Johnson's best advise, "Heck, just don't ever give'm the ball."

GAINESVILLE -- Gator Clause spoke with Steve Spurrier today during the weekly Southeastern Conference coaches teleconference (that's a mouthful) and asked him who gets his Heisman Trophy vote. Spurrier offered no answer save "it's a private vote and I'm going to keep it private this year."

Gator Clause has a sneaking suspicion that Ol' Ball Coach is going to vote for Timmy. The reasons are obvious but I'll write them anyway:

1. Spurrier won a Heisman as a Florida quarterback.
2. Danny Wuerffel won a Heisman as a Florida quarterback.
3. Spurrier voted for Wuerffel.
4. Wuerffel is voting for Tebow.
5. Spurrier, Wuerffel and Tebow are all sons of preachers.
6. Amen



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