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Final: Florida 51, South Carolina 31; Will Tebow hold together?


COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Two more years of Tim Tebow. Are you kidding me? If the guy holds together, then they're going to have to rename the Heisman the Tebow in his honor.

Tebow, Florida's supernatural quarterback, accounted for seven total touchdowns, including five rushing in the Gators 51-31 win against South Carolina. He did this all with a sore shoulder. Hoped everyone enjoyed the blog AND THE GAME as much as I did. Read the paper tomorrow for my game story and Miami Herald correspondent Mike McCall's sidebar on Andre Caldwell.

South Carolina just scored trash points.

Tebow rushed for his FIFTH touchdown of the game. The sophomore tied Danny Wuerffel's 1996 SEC record for most touchdowns accounted for in a season (41.)

South Carolina Cory Boyd scored on a 65-yard touchdown drive capped by a three-yard run by Cory Boyd. Florida 37, South Carolina 24; 4:13.

Florida answers with a 34-yard Joey Ijjas field goal. Florida 37, South Carolina 17...blogging less frequently now. Gotta make deadline for the newspaper.

South Carolina gambled on fourth-and-five near midfield and it paid off. The Gamecocks converted with a 23-yard pass from Blake Mitchell to Cory Boyd. The drive ended in a 44-yard field goal from Ryan Succop. Florida 34, South Carolina 17; 9:10.

Florida scored quickly to start the third quarter. A 55-yard pass to freshman tight end Aaron Hernandez gave Florida the ball at the USC 25 and Tebow rushed for his fourth touchdown of the night three plays later. Florida 34, South Carolina 14; 12:42.

There was a bit of confusion between Florida quarterback Tim Tebow and the Gators' coaching staff to end the first. Florida wasted about half a minute calling in difficult plays such as Tebow Run Right and Tebow Run Up the Middle. The drive ended with a nice interception by South Carolina cornerback Stoney Woodson.

A break in the action and I'm wondering...Is Percy Harvin waiting in the locker room to surprise his Gators?

An inspired effort from Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes just ended South Carolina's drive (2:39 left in first half) with a punt. In one series, Spikes deflected two passes and recorded a tackle for loss. Florida driving...

Two important things just happened (6:47 left in first half). 1. Florida's Brandon James just fumbled away a possession only eight yards from a Gators score. 2. Florida center Drew Miller appears to be out of the game with an injury. This raises the question: Will freshmen Mike Pouncey now play both ways? Pouncey was Miller's back-up at center before Florida coach Urban Meyer moved him to defensive tackle for the Vanderbilt game. USC driving...

Tebow scores his third rushing touchdown of the game (a career high). The touchdown drive was initiated by an interception from Florida strong safety Tony Joiner at USC 44. A 22-yard pass to Louis Murphy started the drive and Tebow then rushed three times on four plays. Florida 27, South Carolina 14; 10:13.

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow just entered his do-everything mode. A one-yard touchdown run by Tebow gives Florida a 20-13 lead with 12:32 left in the first half. Tebow now has 10 carries for 42 yards and two rushing touchdowns. Tebow now has 38 total touchdowns on the season. The school record for total TDs is 41 (Danny Wuerffel 1996).

Emanuel Cook meet Tim Tebow. Florida's quarterback just juked the Gamecocks' best defensive back (a sophomore from Palm Beach County) with an impressive open-field move. The play carried Florida to the USC 35 to end the first quarter. First-and-10 Florida.

Florida returned the fumble gift. Florida's Jarred Fayson fumbled at the UF 24 and South Carolina scored two plays later, a two-yard run by USC running back Cory Boyd. South Carolina 14, Florida 13; 2:21. The touchdown was set up by a 22-yard pass from Blake Mitchell to Dion Lecorn to the UF 2. Wondy Pierre-Louis and Tony Joiner were beaten in coverage. So much for my Wondy theory.

When does this happen? Tim Tebow needed two yards and had two plays to do it and he failed. South Carolina stuffed Tebow on fourth-and-inches and took over at the USC 32. Florida forced a three-and-punt thanks to nice pass break-up by Florida cornerback Wondy Pierre-Louis on third down. Told y'all about Wondy, didn't I?

South Carolina answers with a beautiful drive, exposing the Gators' secondary early. USC quarterback Blake Mitchell completed passes of 20, 19 and 23 yards in quick succession before throwing a five-yard touchdown pass to tight end Jared Cook. Florida 13, South Carolina 7; 9:00. Predicting at least 50 points before the half.

--Another gift. (And carrying over a theme from Florida 17, South Carolina 16 in 2006...another Florida block. Florida redshirt junior John Curtis blocks South Carolina Ryan Succop and the Gators recovered at the USC 22. Tebow only needed two plays, finding Jarred Fayson for a score. Florida kicker Joey Ijjas misses the extra point. Florida 13, South Carolina 0; 11:00.

--Florida started the game with a gift. South Carolina fumbled the center to quarterback exchange on the Gamecocks first offensive play of the game. Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes recovered (14:50). Florida scored five plays later when Tebow rushed for a five-yard score. Florida 7, South Carolina 0; 12:46. Tebow now holds Florida's single-season rushing touchdown record (15). Call this the you-don't-have-Percy-Harvin-so-we'll-spot-you-a-touchdown drive.

--Someone help me make sense of this: Florida goes from all blue last week to all white this week. That's right. Florida is wearing all white. Meanwhile, South Carolina is dressed in all black. And Georgia wore black today and is clobbering Auburn. 

--And does anyone remember the iconic scene from Adam Sandler's football movie, "The Waterboy?"
          "Remember that time Percy Harvin showed up at halftime of the Alternate Jersey Bowl and Florida beat South Carolina. Eh, remember that? Do, ya'? Do, ya?"

--Harvin, of course, didn't make the trip tonight. He's back in Gainesville recovering from a sinus infection...which raises a concern: What happened to quarterback Tim Tebow's ability to cure disease?

--If you're wondering about the scenarios by which Florida wins the East, basically, you just became a Kentucky fan. Florida needs Tennessee and Georgia both to lose to the Wildcats. But don't cheer for the Vols to lose two games. Two more Tennessee losses (Kentucky and Vanderbilt) would send Georgia to the SEC championship game.

--Ron Zook and Illinois just beat No.1 Ohio State. Is anyone out there secretly hoping Florida and Illinois meet in the Capital One Bowl or the Outback Bowl?   



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