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UF 45, FSU 12 (Final)


Florida begins the second half with some power football. The Gators drove 81 yards on SIX SNAPS and they were all rushing plays. Tebow capped the drive with a five-yard run, giving him 22 rushing touchdowns on the season. That ties the NCAA record for rusing touchdowns by a quarterback in a season. Florida 31, FSU 12; 12:14.

Cismesia kicks a 60-yard field goal before the end of the half. Amazing.

Florida kicker Joey Ijjas makes a 35-yard field goal to give Florida a 24-9 lead with 22 seconds left in the half. If Florida State can't figure out how to get in the end zone at halftime, then this game is over.

Tebow finds Louis Murphy for a 14-yard touchdown pass to give Florida a 21-6 lead; 8:48 second quarter. FSU defensive back J.R. Bryant missed a tackle, allowing Murphy to walk into the end zone.

You know this Tebow guy? He's just a product of Urban Meyer's offense...laughable. What an amazing pass (32 yards) from Tebow to Louis Murphy to give Florida a 14-3 lead; 2:46 in the first. That might have been Tebow's best touchdown throw of the season. He now has 27 passing touchdowns and 21 rushing touchdowns on the year and has at least one rushing and one passing touchdown in 13-straight games. 

You know FSU's offensive line is bad if Florida can establish a pass rush. Florida's defensive linemen (Jermaine Cunningham and Justin Trattou) pressured Weatherford into two incompletions and the Noles had to punt away.

Tim Tebow just offered one of his most amazing runs of the season with 6:26 left in the first quarter. He rolled out of a tackle (FSU defensive tackle Justin Mincey) at the line of scrimmage and then out ran FSU's defensive backs up the middle of the field for a 23-yard touchdown. Florida 7, FSU 3.

Geno Hayes talks smack to Tebow after a Florida delay of game and then Tebow side steps Hayes for a 16-yard gain on the next play. This is going to be a good game. Tebow looked angry and then motioned to the crowd with waving arms.

Just an observation but Florida and FSU are both using receivers as running backs today. Parker for FSU and Harvin for Florida. The two players already have eight carries between them with 7:18 left in the first quarter.

A 21-yard field goal by FSU's Gary Cismesia gives the 'Noles a 3-0 lead.

Major Wright meet Preston Parker. Wright, Florida's freshman safety, just missed tackling Parker badly on a 12-yard Florida State gain. The two players know each other, of course. Wright's St. Thomas Aquinas beat Parker's Atlantic in a high school playoff game in 2005. (Parker was Atlantic's only offense).

Florida freshman cornerback Joe Haden isn't in the game. Jacques Rickerson and Markihe Anderson are in at cornerback and nickel. Wondy Pierre-Louis is the other starting cornerback.

Two FSU plays; Two Preston Parker carries. Will Parker start at tailback next season for FSU?

Joiner was apparently reinstated as a team captain this week. He's walking out to midfield right now along with Drew Miller, Derrick Harvey and Bubba. Joiner, of course, was stripped of his captaincy earlier this season when he attempted to break his girlfriend's car out of a towing service's impound yard.

The Gators are in all blue today for Florida State. Urban Meyer is greeting each senior at the 25-yard line before kickoff (today is senior day).

There's Tony Joiner. Meyer gave everyone else a handshake and he gave Tony Joiner a hug. Now Bubba Caldwell. Gotta love Bubba. He stops in the end zone and points to the capacity crowd. "I've been here for five long years. Now clap for me, people."



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