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BREAKING NEWS: Tebow sees snow, and other reasons why I felt like a stalker today

Yeah, I get it...Tebow is Superman; Superman saved New York.

NEW YORK -- Sitting outside a hotel room waiting for Tim Tebow. Sitting Indian style. Like they the way they taught you in school. Be a good boy, Joseph, and Tim Tebow will come and visit you. If being a reporter isn't like being a professional stalker, then think again...

Myself and about two dozen other reporters talked with Tebow for about an hour today in the Hilton Hotel in midtown Manhattan. The press conference took place in your basic hotel suite, kind of like something you'd imagine a fireside chat would be. The suite was on the 42nd floor and overlooked Sixth Avenue. A pretty iconic scene considering what Tebow's place in history might one day be.

It snowed a bit before the press conference and Tebow jumped out of his chair and peered through the window. The kid is just soaking it all in. More on the lengthy interview in the newspaper. Tebow tours New York City tonight with the other Heisman finalists: Chase Daniel (Mizzou), Darren McFadden (Arkansas) and Colt Brennan (Hawaii).



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