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How the BCS missed its chance at Florida vs. Hawaii; and how college football is like a night on South Beach gone bad

June Jones badmouthed Tim Tebow on national television? Jones does realize his team opens the 2008 season at The Swamp, right?...But if the BCS had any sense, then Hawaii could be playing Florida in the Sugar Bowl...

GAINESVILLE -- Florida and Michigan in the Capital One Bowl ... just more evidence of a flawed system. Imagine what might have been if the folks in charge of the bowls actually cared about matching up the best teams...

First things first, get rid of the BCS rule that doesn't allow more than two teams from the same conference to compete in the BCS. The BCS is more ridiculous than pro wrestling. Instead of trying to appear fair and balanced, the BCS should just admit it's a fraud and offer college football fans the next best thing to a playoff. And that would be the best teams in the country playing against the best teams in the country.

Instead, we're left with Southern Cal vs. Illinois in the Rose Bowl. Bor-ing! The folks at the Rose Bowl should have selected Georgia. But the Rose Bowl actually thinks people care about seeing a Pac-10 team play a Big Ten team. Wrong. And no believes that's the real reason Illinois is in the Rose Bowl anyway. Smart people realize that the only reason the Rose Bowl selected Illinois was to keep the bowl payout in the Big Ten.

With Georgia in the Rose, the Sugar Bowl could then have selected Florida to play Hawaii. (Keep in mind we already abolished the idiotic no-more-than-two-teams rule.) What a match-up that would have been, especially after Hawaii coach June Jones went on ESPN Sunday night and said (paraphrasing here) that Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is just a lucky product of the Gators' spread offense. Jones went on to say that his quarterback, Colt Brennan, could run Florida's system but Tebow could not thrive in Hawaii's run-and-shoot offense.

Now, Gator Clause is a June Jones fan (the charity work he does in the islands is wonderful) and we're going to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. We're going to assume Jones is a smart man and that he realized the ridiculous premise of such an argument before he even said it. Jones was just being loyal to his guy and lobbying for Heisman votes. Tebow, of course, IS a great quarterback and is probably a better passer as a sophomore than Brennan was at that stage in his career. (And never mind the fact that the run-and-shoot offense is every bit a system-specific offense as the Gators' spread attack.)

Still, Jones' comments made a few people pretty upset in this neck of the woods. (An attack on Tebow, after all, is an attack on everything good in this world, right?) Sure, Florida plays Hawaii to open the 2008 season, something Jones was well aware of when he denounced the Gators' Golden Boy, but wouldn't a Sugar Bowl match-up between Hawaii and Florida--Brennan vs. Tebow--have been a lot more exciting than Florida vs. Michigan in the Capital One Bowl. Michigan isn't even ranked and can't even beat Ohio State. Oh, that reminds me...

Buckeyes vs. LSU? I find it nauseating to even write that the winner of this game will be crowned the national champion.

The metaphor goes like this: You're partying all night on South Beach, having a helluva time, you're in control, on top of the world, the unexpected keeps happening and every time it does it makes the night even better. You met some nice friends, you found a Benjamin on the dance floor, you're introduced to some rich dude from the Bahamas who invites you and your new friends to his yacht. Just when it can't possibly get any better, you pass out in your own vomit and go to jail for public intox. That's what Ohio State vs. LSU is, an exquisitely disgusting climax to a delightful drunk college football season. (Kansas vs. Va. Tech in the Orange Bowl is an even worse ending. You get back to yacht only to sink and drowned.) 

Lastly, just want to send a thank you to Georgia coach Mark Richt for his honesty...When asked on national television if he was upset LSU leapfrogged his Bulldogs for a spot in the BCS national championship, Richt said yes. When asked if he thought a team that didn't win its conference should play for a national championship, Richt said no.



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