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Patrick Johnson disses The U? Think again

ORLANDO -- Perhaps the biggest college football news this week has nothing to do with a bowl game. It is instead the revelation by high school recruit Patrick Johnson (Pompano Beach Blanche Ely) that he is no longer considering a commitment to the University of Miami.

Johnson, the top-rated prep cornerback in the country, committed to Miami as a junior but has apparently changed his mind. He plans to choose between LSU, Florida State and Florida on Jan. 5 during the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

Florida coach Urban Meyer said earlier this week that the Gators' cornerback and defensive line positions need the most improvement this offseason. Signing Johnson in February certainly would help the cornerback situation.

You might be asking yourself, does Florida even want a kid who turned the recruiting process into a charade? The answer is yes. Patrick Johnson didn't create the ridiculousness of college football recruiting, he's just playing along.

Why do people think it is so important for kids to remain firm on their verbal commitments anyway? And don't give me another bogus argument about accountability. Could I think of a more hypocritical thought than major college football accountability? A vegetarian owning a slaughterhouse, maybe.

All football players are going to be ground into little patties, processed and packaged. What difference does it make which slaughterhouse does the honors?



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PJ is a bum and a joke. I hope he goes to UF. I know FSU and Miami fans do not want him. See you loser

what do you mean no argument for accountability. dude if all gator fans think like you PJ was made for G-ville. a man goin back on his word is no man at all. i agree the fans created this mess w/ recruits but if you dont think you are going somewhere just say your not sure yet.. dont say one thing and do another... your a joke guy.. i say quit your day job your no good at it

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