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Tebow turns reporter at college football awards ceremony

LAKE BUENA VISTA -- Florida quarterback Tim Tebow won the Maxwell Award and the Davey O'Brien Award on Thursday night at Disney's Boardwalk Dance Hall. Pretty special night, right? My favorite highlight of the evening came before the awards ceremony even began, however, when Tebow spontaneously grabbed a microphone and played reporter. He interviewed Oregon quarterback Dennis Dixon...

Tebow as reporter: “What do you think of this college football season?”
Dixon: “It’s had its ups and downs. I’ll tell you that, man. It’s been a blast in the process. I wouldn’t change anything. I’m not sure anybody else would, either.”
Tebow as reporter: “Do you think we should go to a playoff or stick to the BCS? What are your thoughts on that?”
Dixon: “Honestly, keep the BCS. Don’t let anything get to it. Let the polls take care of themselves. All you can do is play, right?”
Tebow as reporter: “That’s exactly right. So now that the season is done, what are your plans for getting ready for the [NFL] Draft?”
Dixon: “Just get ready. Rehab [torn anterior cruciate ligament]. I’ve got a lot of decisions to make — either the NFL or MLB. I’ll try to make a career of something.”
Tebow as reporter: “I hear you. Sounds good. What are your thoughts about tonight?
Dixon: “I’m having a blast. I’m actually flattered to have you in the stands. I’m looking forward to this night, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”
Tebow: “Sounds good.”



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