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Drayton and Holliday gone; What does this mean for the Gators?

GAINESVILLE -- First Stan Drayton left for Tennessee and now Florida assistant Doc Holliday is bolting for West Virginia. Anyway you spin it, this isn't good news for the Gators.

Holliday's wife, Diana, confirmed on Thursday that Holliday accepted a position at West Virginia. A member of the Gators' secondary also confirmed the news.

Drayton and Holliday were considered the Gators' best recruiters. Drayton leaving for an SEC East Division rival is bad enough, but now Florida coach Urban Meyer must replace Holliday, who has been recruiting South Florida for years.

Every high school football coach in South Florida knows Holliday and considers him one of the best recruiters of the area. Holliday made a name for himself recruiting Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties for West Virginia before leaving the Mountaineers for N.C. State and then Florida. Losing Holliday is a considerable blow for the Gators recruiting efforts in South Florida.



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They recruit U then they leave? That's two coaches this week. Patchan and the other recruits should have come to the U. FYI - Miami now has the #1 recruiting class in the ESPN poll!

Good for you, what bowl was miami in this year?

The recuitors aren't selling themselves they're selling the school. Yes this will hurt UF but the coaching and school prestige should be enough to land the gators top recuits for years to com.

its wonderful they sell the school... but remember they are also coaches... that changed the philosophy their a bit.. it also shows a certain instability. i gurantee recruits dont like instability

Had those two coaches left other schools to come to Florida, none of you would have a problem with it at all. Urban Meyer left Utah to come to Florida. Where was your moral high ground then?

Adam Malley - What bowl? How may rings do the gators have? When was the last time the Gators beat the Canes? I remember a few years ago beating the Gators in a bowl game, bet you loved that! Until you have five rings and beat the U then keep quite!

Well, at least we didn't go to a bowl to get beat by a Big Ten team which exposed the weaknesses in that Gafor offense. Man, your D sucks, too!

The Gafors are going down once again. I hope they are ranked high so it will open the eyes of the rest of the country that THE U is back and better than ever. They are going to be amazed on how good our youngsters are. The swagger is back, and next season will prove it.

And I quote:

"Who is next to fall to the wayside at UF? As a prospects kids need to be careful in listening to what Meyer and his staff have to say. While focusing more on his rivals and why kids shouldn’t go there, it looks as though the image of the ‘next great coach’ is tarnishing and his program is beginning to have severe problems. Instead of wrapping themselves up into what’s going on in Tallahassee, Knoxville or Athens, maybe its time that the UF brethren come to terms that they are a program with relentless criminal issues and players jumping ship. If Florida was the great place they claim to be, surely these kids wouldn’t leave. Or maybe it is, and its time to stop acting like spin doctors and face facts: The University of Florida is the new “Thug U”."

I am truly amazed by the vitriol espoused by UM fans towards UF, no matter the subject. This story doesn't even involve UM...

A psychiatrist would have a field day with UM fans and their hatred for UF...inferiority complex anyone? Or maybe UM fans just love playing the victim...

Evidently you gator fans have not seen the posts by gator fans on UM blogs. I can assure you that your fans make the UM fans look like boy scouts.

Perhaps it is because you think the small private school never should have existed, and you resent the fact that they have ever accomplished anything. Well, get ready, they will be back.

On second thought, all you gator fans can go phuck yourselves.

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