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Emails I get: Goodman, your skull is empty

This email comes to us from Rolando Morales, loyal reader...

Hey Goodman,
Every blog that you write is filled with sarcasm, which is why I decided to check your bio. Bio?  When I click on it, nothing comes up. I guess it is empty just like your skull. Have a good one.

Dsc00716Dsc00476OFFICIAL GOODMAN BIO: All of my friends are smarter than me. I am 29 years old. I have three younger brothers and three sons (pictured). I have a dog named Guinness, who I rescued from the Broward County Humane Society. Guinness (pit/lab/greyhound/great dane/manic mix) is from the mean Superbowlpic2streets of Miami. She runs the 40 in 3.2 seconds. Like my dog, I am an American mutt and proud of it.  I'm getting married in May in Birmingham, Ala. That's where I grew up. I was born in Mobile, Ala.  I'm named after my dad and my mom is named after a flower, God bless her. I graduated high school from Irondale Shades Valley (Go Mounties!) and double majored in English and journalism at UAB Kevin(Southside U!). My favorite writer is Irish and dead, like my grandmother. I've got a bad hair-do but I'm a pretty good friend. Need a kidney? One of my best friends is fellow Miami Herald sports writer Manny Navarro, who covers the Miami Hurricanes for The Herald. Here's a picture of Manny and I before last year's Super Bowl at Dolphin Stadium. I met my first friend ("The Skinny Bandit," a.k.a. "El Dsc00652Flaco," a.k.a. "Slim," a.k.a. "Bryant, Get Me Something Cold To Drink") when I was completely naked 27 years ago on the corner of Beacon Street and LaSalle Lane in "The Dale," a.k.a. "Hillside," Ala. About 25 1/2 years  later, we took this picture together inside Mangos on Ocean Drive, South Beach. Coincedentally, the beautiful woman I'm so lucky to be marrying took the picture. Her name is Sarah "Pup" Goldman and she's got a big heart and little toes.



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