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Florida is 2-0 in the SEC? How many wins are needed for a ticket to the Big Dance?

Watching the final moments of Florida's second win in Southeastern Conference play and thinking Jai Lucas would be a pretty cool name for a Jedi knight.

Hans Solo, Mace Windu, Jai Lucas. [crickets ... and a now a predictable transition]

Lucas was certainly an unassuming hero on Saturday in the Gators' 72-56 win against Auburn. The little guy (Lucas is, as they say in Alabama, no bigger than a mole cricket) scored 14 points including his own 7-0 run in the final minutes. It's Lucas' second impressive SEC game in a row. He dropped 17 points at Alabama.

Florida's 2-0 start to conference play is intriguing, provides a few answers but also raises just as many questions. Let's play the Jeopardy game.

Answer: This current Florida player is better than Taurean Green when Green was a freshman.
Question: Who is Jai Lucas?

Answer: This stormy incarnation of basketball toughness scored 11 points and had five rebounds off the bench on Saturday despite a foot injury.
Question: Who is "Thunder" Dan Werner?

Answer: The regression of college basketball in this southern state over the last three years is so pathetically profound that a local sports radio pundit can only say, "Well, we're a football state. Next caller. Hello, Gary. Thanks for calling in." Gary: "A football state that loses to Louisiana-Monroe." [CLICK]
Question: What is Alabama?

Answer: Six
Question: What is the number of wins Florida (15-2) still needs to assure itself a spot in the NCAA Tournament?

OK, enough of the Jeopardy game. Florida next travels to Oxford, Miss., for what's sure to be one of the Gators' toughest road games of the season. If Florida beats Ole Miss (13-1), then you can go ahead and buy your tickets for the first round of the NCAA Tournament.



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