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Is Urban Meyer a dirty recruiter? This idea is laughable...

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer is in a little trouble these days for the apparent recruiting tactics he used to lure receiver Carl Moore to Gainesville.

Trouble No.1: According to the Sacramento Bee, Moore got a call from Meyer while he was in New York for Tim Tebow's Heisman ceremony. Shortly after Tebow won the award, the quarterback was on the phone shouting at Moore to come to Florida.

Is this a problem? The NCAA might think so. There is a bylaw in the NCAA's rules and regulations manual that prohibits coaches from telling current players to speak with recruits.

Number of times this bylaw has been broken: 43,393,228 times. (And that's just at Southern Cal.)

Will this stick? Doubt it. Can't Tebow just say he asked to speak with Moore?

Trouble No.2: Meyer might have recruited Moore's girlfriend, Maranda Smith, who is now a gymnast at UF.

Is this a problem? Another NCAA bylaw stipulates that coaches can only recruit players for the sports they coach.

Will this stick? Doubt it. Can't Smith say she was already thinking about coming to Florida? She is certainly good enough. She competed for UCLA in 2006. The Bruins won the national title in 2004. Smith was a also a junior Olympian. AND she says she contacted Florida about possibly transferring way back in February of 2007. AND what girl wouldn't want to go to the same school as her soon-to-be-NFL-receiver husband? Smith said on Wednesday that she and Moore plan to get married after they graduate.

Is Meyer a shrewd recruiter? Florida doesn't pay the guy $3.5 million a year to be the moral police.

Is Urban Meyer a dirty recruiter? First off, this question is inherently absurd. ("Dirty recruiting" is about as redundant as "fast racecars" or "cold snow" or "good ... well, you know.") Secondly, the NCAA bylaws that might have been broken only exist for one reason: to be broken. If a school breaks an NCAA rule, guess who gets paid? If the NCAA really wanted to clean up major college athletics, then it would just have a draft. (OK, that idea might border on the absurd. But so is the current state of recruiting.)



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Great write up, as usual. War Damn Eagle from the snowy mountains of northern Afganisuck!

I don't think you can consider Meyer as a dirty recruiter and things are getting blown way out of proportion. This is not even a little bit disturbing (if it was true) as the whole USC issue. What's keeping them (NCAA) get your shit together and sanction those cheaters ..

Meyer is dirty. He lied to T. Tolliver last year. FACT. Tolliver's high school coach & academic adviser had to drive to LSU to determine Meyer was lying to Tolliver. Florida turned in Patrick Johnson's ACT score when he announced to LSU. FACT. Go ask Patrick Johnson if you don't believe me. You can't spell SCUM without CUM.

The bigger issue with Moore is not that a coach cant recruit for another sport. Its that Meyer is offering scholarships to girlfriends in order to get a committment. He did the same thing last year with Deonte.

UM Fans complaining about cheating. Wow!!!! If that does not take the cake!!!

If we werent kicking theis buts in recruiting , no one would care.

Another Halfass hatchet job Goodman, the Herald must be proud !

That's not a "hatchet job." It's totally the opposite.

Patrick you are an idiot. Patrick Johnson lied to Miami and every other program the whole time they were recruiting him. Therefore it makes sense that Johnson would lie about why his scores got flagged. The truth of the matter is that the NCAA clearing house flags EVERY single student who has a drastic change in their scores. Florida had to deal with this last year with John Brown and maybe let Johnson know this but I doubt they went to the NCAA about it. Wake up and stop beleiving everything a proven liar says.

Patrick, why would Terrance Toliver's coaches have to drive to LSU to determine anything? Couldn't they just pick up the phone and ask the LSU staff? More than likely they drove to LSU to pick up a couple duffle bags worth of $$$$... ;-)

1st Patrick Johnson is a piece of crap! He isn't a man who can keep his word, he's a child who wants to be seen.

Laughin' all the way to the BCS in 09',

Kicking the U's butt in recruiting? The U is ranked #1 in the ESPN poll and when was the last time the gayturds beat the U?

I bet if Meyer gets Brandon Harris UM fans would really get pissed off! According to Rivals.com UF is number 1 right now while UM continues to loose recruits one after another. If all those Northwestern kids were smart they would pick a school that they could actually win at.

The sad thing about the Terrance Tolliver comments is that this young man may not even be at LSU next year. He was determined to be functionally illiterate this fall. His teachers in grade school through high school continued to promote/pass a student who could not read. Hopefully Patrick Johnson is not in a similar situation. If so, the clearing house flagging his scores may get him some extra help.

I hope this is an exaggeration.

Oh little Willy, ha,ha,ha,ha. The Northwestern kids already picked a school they will win at, the University of Miami. In fact, they are already in school.

As for Brandon Harris, he has been a silent to the CANEs since last summer. The fact is, UM is doing great in recruiting and it is driving you gator fans crazy!

Don't be surprised if the chicken gators lose to two different UMs in one year!

Silly gators, National Championships are for CANEs not gators.

umgrad, it appears you weren't born before the 2006 & 2007 seasons or possibly you moved to a different country during that time. They were so bad- I don't blame you I would have done the same thing-NOT! GATOR FANS are part of a GATOR NATION and don't jump off the bandwagon. Not even a bowl game! arghhhh! It appears you realize we play you next year! Second game of the season. So BIG MOUTH let's put a $1000.00 on that game. What do you say? I'm sorry, I didn't hear that. Could you stop whispering? Your piggy bank what? You've got to be kidding me? I'm sorry to hear that. YOUR WORDS ARE HOT AIR! Coming from a hurriclown fan makes it even more comical. In the past 11 years UF has 2 Football Championships and 2 basketball championships not even mentioning NC's in the other less important sports. ANd the clowns have......what to show in the last decade? One football nc? That's not the worst of it. The hurriclowns won't win their half of the pathetic acc much less the acc conference for the next five years. OUCH! By the way you should look at the latest recruiting rankings- Rivals, ESPN and Scout. I take that back- you don't want to do that. OUCH!

Forgot to mention, the only reason you have the opportunity to play the Mighty Gators who will be ranked in the top 5 is because we invitied you to. Jeremy Foley called Paul Dee immediately after the 12th game was approved. Chicken Gators? Give me a break! So thank your lucky stars jackass and while you're at it you might want to pray to those same lucky stars, it's possible they could help you not to get blown out. MONEY WHERE YOUR BIG FAT MOUTH IS LOSER! acc! You've got to be kidding me!


Foley put every stipulation in the book on these games. He refused to make a return trip to Miami. Then he tried to schedule Miami's home game in a "neutral" site. Tampa is far from being neutral. Now we have to waith until 2013 to see the Gators in Miami.

Right, Foley insisted on the game being in Gainesville, and not playing again until 2012.

Oh, little hurriclown, you can roar now because the worst coach in UM history decimated the program worse than probation would, and this coincided with little Meyer going to uf. I understand your hostility, you are upset that UM can still bring in a top class after a bad season.

First, you probably to not make $ 1,000 in a month, so keep your money. Win or lose next fall, UM will continue to get stronger, so be ready to be the livid loud-mouth that you are.

Now everyone imagine little hurriclown squirming in his seat with a contorted face. UM did it first, and did it more often than classless uf, their fans know this, and they can't handle it because" WE HAVE SO MANY FANS IN THE STANDS". Not much of an accomplishment since uf has a student body of about 50 K.

Yes, uf is chicken, and they have forfeited over 20 games to UM because UM was willing to play every year, while uf was not.

Deal with it, your school is one big classless chicken sheet!

Urban Buy-Her is the dirtiest recruiter in football this side of Le$ Miles... Period!!!

But I do give credit where credit is due and even though he is doing it the dirty way, he is getting in some good football players... Even though he is recruiting their girlfriends which cannot be worse then Le$ Miles... He pays players families... Patrick Johnson has been seen driving around town lately in an escalade... hmmm... Anyways, the Canes will be back and you Gators know it... 2009, look out!!!

How can you say that UF is kicking UMs ass in recruiting...last time I checked ESPN has UM as the #1 recruiting class in 2008 with UF at #6...scout does have UF at #1, but UM is not far behind. Shannon is filling the needs at the U, thats all that matters. BTW...what was the last time UF beat UM? before I was born...1985

I think all of the top programs are dirty. The dirtiest coaches have the most resources...Urban Meyer, Les Miles, Jim Tressel, Charlie Weiss etc.... We are in there somewhere, we have to be.

Why wouldn't UF want to play in Miami...You've got tons of fans here. I could understand you not wanting to play UM on a consistent basis, your schedule is pretty tough. They should just schedule it early in the season. We love this game...after 09 we are going to be laying some serious ass whippings on the ACC, Ohio St., etc...so we will need the game to look semi-vulnerable.


You can't be serious...we might be able to beat you in 2008. We can definatly humilate you from 2009 forward. Do you honestly believe a couple of down years have us scared.

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