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Updating this story: Ingram staying

GAINESVILLE -- Florida tight end Cornelius Ingram thought about turning pro but changed his mind. Good decision? Yeah, probably. Ingram's NFL Draft stock can only rise after another year of experience at the position. The senior-to-be has only played tight end for two years.



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Damn, now our D will be worse!

Ha,ha,ha, scUM, AKA gaytors are losing players left and right!

Four losses, and another loss to the "U" is on the way!

Ha,ha,ha,ha! scUM=gaytors!


ESPN has the U with the #1 recruiting class!!!!

We'll see you boys in the swamp come September. Can wait to play you guys in 2009. Gotta love a college stadium where there will be more Miami Dolphin/Florida Marlin logos than Canes logos. The Canes lost their stadium and their identity with the OB. Nothing like having a stadium 45 minutes from Campus.

Enjoy your recruiting...wait till Feb 6 when everyone steals your recruits and you are lucky to have a top 10 class!

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