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Move Deonte Thompson to cornerback? Why not Chris Rainey

GAINESVILLE -- If Florida is to compete for a national championship next season, then the team needs a few more quality cornerbacks.

Deonte Thompson doesn't seem to be doing much for the offense. Could a move to defensive back be out of the question for him. Why not move Chris Rainey to cornerback next season. Rainey won't get many carries as a running back with Percy Harvin, Kestahn Moore and Percy Harvin (and Tim Tebow) vying for carries. Can Jamar Hornsby play free safety next year and incoming freshman Will Hill move to cornerback?

Give us your solution to the Gators biggest problem (the secondary) and I'll pass it along to the coaching staff up here in Gainesville!



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Deonte, should of signed with the Canes. The Gators will promise playing time but look what's happening to U.

no no no...the secondary is not the problem, its the defensive line. if they can generate pressure on the qb, then the db's can jump the ball and make some plays instead of playing so far off the wideouts and playing soft coverage. i hate that we don't jam the receivers, meyer is afraid they'll get beat deep every play, which they will because there is no pressure. we need d-tackles and ends, especially because derrick harvey is going pro...we're in trouble next year if they dont start getting to the qb and forcing some mistakes.

All of our defense needs to improve and not just a little. They need to get it into there minds that they are far from being any good. The D-line is weak and now that Harvey is leaving it could be pathetic, the line backers have some good showings and no consistency and our secondary is none existing. Some of the players think because they hear there names with a "has a great potential" remark afterwards that they are good. Come on during the Michigan game our defense never even looked like it could stop a high school team.

deonte get off the gator ship that ragidy offence urban myerr runs is based around one player go back to the u before the whole offence goes pro i mean tim tebow the gators will be in the dumps after he leaves or meyer stupid offence gets picked up on like it already has deonte the U needed you last what a waste of talent urban meyer has

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