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Michigan sends Carr off with a win

ORLANDO -- Sorry for the delay guys. Had to run down to the field for post-game interviews. More on that a little later. The sidelines was an interesting place to watch the final minutes of this game. Florida's defense finally got a stop in the fourth quarter but Tim Tebow couldn't lead the comeback due to Michigan's swarming pass rush. Final: Michigan 41, Florida 35.

Seemed like Michigan played with more passion in game's final minutes.


Florida took its first lead of the game with 5:49 left when Percy Harvin scored on a 10-yard run. The score was set up by an interception from freshman defensive tackle Mike Pouncey.

Michigan kicker K.C. Lopata put Michigan ahead with a 47-yard field goal.

Florida tied the score at 28-all after Tebow found Andre Caldwell wide open in the end zone for a 14-yard scoring play. The touchdown was set up by an 44-yard run by Percy Harvin. Caldwell now has two touchdown receptions and Harvin has 151 rushing yards.

Mike Hart fumbles again inside the five-yard line. Florida recovers and now driving.

Tebow rushed for a one-yard score to cut Michigan's lead to 28-21. (7:55, 3rd quarter)

Michigan's lead now stands at 14 points after the Wolverines converted their onsides kick into a quick touchdown. (12:50, 3rd quarter)

The second half couldn't have started any worse for Florida. First, Michigan recovered an onsides kick and now Mike Pouncey is being helped off the field with what appears to be a knee or ankle injury. Michigan at Florida 22. (14:18, 3rd quarter)


Percy Harvin turned in one of his best runs of the season--66 yards--but it was all for not as a penalty later nullified a touchdown pass from Tebow to Harvin. Tebow was then sacked and Joey Ijjas' 35-yard field goal attempt was blocked.

Michigan is having its own difficulties. The Wolverines followed the block with a 65-yard pass play from Henne to Carson Butler but Mike Hart fumbled away the momentum at the Florida 2. It was Hart's first fumble in 1,005 carries. (5:27, 2nd quarter)

Michigan ties the score with a painfully slow drive. Mike Hart scored from two yards after a 24-yard pass from Chad Henne to Mario Manningham put the Wolverines inside the Florida 10. (9:51, 2nd quarter)

As noted by Miami Herald writer Mike McCall, Andre Caldwell's obligatory drop is out of the way. After dropping a short out route (he does this every game), Caldwell answered with an 18-yard score. He caught a quick pass from Tebow and raced through Michigan's lumbering defense for the touchdown. (14:48, 2nd quarter)

Michigan self destructing now. A 15-yard personal foul tacked on to the end of a 23-yard punt return by UF's Brandon James has Florida in position to score.

Florida's defense is playing well after its shaky start. First Dorian Munroe broke up a pass to end a Michigan drive and now Derrick Harvey got into the backfield to force a fumble. Michigan quarterback Chad Henne (why do I always want to call Chad Henne Brad Penny?) recovered but the Wolverines were forced to punt.

A 19-yard run by Tim Tebow, a 10-yard run by Percy Harvin and a 17-yard pass from Tebow to Cornelius Ingram set up Florida's first score, a 10-yard pass from Tebow to Harvin. (2:37, 1st quarter)

Time off didn't help Florida kicker Joey Ijjas. He missed a 49-yard field goal to end the Gators' first drive. Gators again driving after a Michigan offensive holding penalty ruined the Wolverines' possession. (5:41, 1st quarter)

The Capital One Bowl is underway ... Florida's defense is still terrible. Michigan raced down the field for the game's first score. The 93-yard drive was capped off by a 21-yard pass from Chad Henne to Mario Manningham.

PREGAME NOTES: Florida safety Tony Joiner was renamed captain for the Capital One Bowl. Joiner lost his title as team captain after being arrested for breaking into a Gainesville towing service's impound yard to retrieve his girlfriend's car. The charges were later dropped. 



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Gators are in deep dodo next year this defense is baaaaaaaad!

I love it! The dumb rednecks from Gainesville got SWAMPED in the own backyard by a better team and school!!!

Just wait for the Noles and Canes to regroup!!! The lowly Gators will be relegated to their traditional spot as the 3rd best team in the state!!!

Gators D. did not have a clue today.

The game was a matchup of overachieving underclassmen at florida against a team of underachieving seniors at michigan. It is good to see Lloyd Carr go out with a win.

Oh yeah; Todd Blackledge of ABC is a BIASED piece of crap sportscaster who has no respect for teams from the south. The whole game he was on Michigans jockstrap. He never attempted to credit UF for any good plays they made.

who cares.............. GO CANES!!!

Gators D. did not have a clue today.

The game was a matchup of overachieving underclassmen at florida against a team of underachieving seniors at michigan. It is good to see Lloyd Carr go out with a win.

Oh yeah; Todd Blackledge of ABC is a BIASED piece of crap sportscaster who has no respect for teams from the south. The whole game he was on Michigans jockstrap. He never attempted to credit UF for any good plays they made.

who cares.............. GO CANES!!!

The defense gave up 41 pts. (should have been 55 pts but for Harts 2 fumbles at the goal line).
Tebow could do nothing when his team needed him most. Offense is a 2-man show, Tebow & Harvin. Once Tebow is exposed, he's nothing. Harvin wanted out of that game towards the end. He wanted no part of that anymore. No defense to speak of. Lots of work ahead for Gaytors.They will probably take a few steps back before going forward. Gayters are 0-1 for 2008.

Tim Teblow........GO CANES

Mr.football is right not only does the big ten (11 teams) have their own network they have ESPN and ABC too. How many former big ten players do they employ Herbie,Blackledge,Des howard? No bias there.

It takes a Gator game to bring Cane fans out because there team can't do it.

You just lost to the wolverines and you are worried about what the announcers were saying? Ha ha ha ha....I'm not sure, but i don't believe the announcers had anything to do with you losing.

What time do Canes play this bowl season oops they don't sorry!!!!

I guess i was wrong....NCAA officials are investigating ESPN's employees and their influence on how bad Florida plays! Hum, go figure.

What time I can't find it anywhere?

I'm sorry Garry. I was thinking about our 5 national championships, All our players in the NFL, and how we have owned yall. What was your question?

Canes love those flavored windows!

I just checked.....and its still a final...MICH WINS

Notice how the Gators make it a habit to lose to yet another UM!!!

Yea and your 72' Dolphins went undefeated too and one time when you were at bandcamp!!!!! Its 2008 and win or lose the Gators were PLAYING on New Years Day and the Canes were chosing window flavors for next year.

Happy New Year! See ya

Gator fans have been down on everything except the Titanic.

4 TO and the gators still lose? I hate being a gator fan. It seems everyone has figured us out.

They created gator aid now they need to creat wins. The spread no longer works!!!!!

FYI - When was the last time the gators beat the U? It's been a long time. Canes 5 gators 2.

http://usa-tops.com - only top news from over 50 best newsmakers

The injustice of Tebow's Heisman was evidenced today. He's a good college qb, not the best player is college. The Heisman should have gone to D. Dixon, injury or no injury.

The Wizard ?

How man offense is da U ?

This is the Gators fourth loss in the season following their NC. It is the only game they played outside the swamp against a respectable non-conference opponent.

When Larry Coker lost four games mfollowing his near NC repeat, his head was on the chopping block.

Do Gator fans think Meyer can turn it around next year? Her certainly pulled some creative stuff out of the hat today, but three weaknesses about his team became glaringly apparent.

1.) The defense is vulnerable to a balanced attack.
2.) Tim Tebow can become less effective following a really hard hit.
3.) Harvin may have an endurance problem.

No one has benefitted more from FSU and UM's downfall than UF. They benefit from FSU's fall because they don't get their butts whipped year in and year out. They benefit from UM's collapse because they now have an edge recruiting wise. This will end soon, though. Both UM and FSU are more prestigious programs than UF and a result draw better talent. Neither Tebow nor Meyer (both are EXTREMELY overrated) can make a difference when FSU and UM are hitting on all cylinders.

i think urban meyer won with ron zook's players.
4 losses after winning the national championship. come on gator nation that is unacceptable.

WOW! I thought the gators were suppose to roll! Michigan had 4 turnovers, 3 inside the 5 yard line and still one! I love what Urban Meyer put in, a SPREAD DEFENSE. That was wonderful!!!

They are selling Tim Tebow Superman shirts at Publix!! What a joke!! Timmy's blood is as red as anyone I ever met! I loved watching the Gaytor fans file out of the bar today after the game!! HA ! HA!

Anyway props to Auburn, LSU, Georgia, and Michigan for giving the rest of the nation a blueprint for beating this overrated spread garbage squad.

The Heisman jinx is in!! "F" the Gaytors!!

Very dissappointing loss yesterday. I don't see it getting any better for us next year unless we aquire more playmakers. Seems like all the best players are going to FSU and Miami. Why is that ? We are coming off a NC and are getting out recruited in our own backyard ! I'm begining to think that Urban Meyer might be a little overrated. He won the NC with Zook's players and had a 4-loss season with his now. FSU and Miami have top-5 recruiting classes and we're not in the top 20. How can that be ? I have a feeling those 2 schools are going to be handing it to us for the next few years. I hope I'm wrong.

the formula is there... BLITZ Tebow, knock him around, slam him on the ground every chance you get. (that was a great slam during the game btw)... o and your back yard is the middle third part of the state... the U owns the south... and FSU should have the north... thats the way the region should be... if i were you i would worry about USF and UCF... their in your region

The Gators need to fix their defense. It's as simple as that. Tebow and the offense put up 35 (though it should've been more with the missed FGs and dropped TD pass). 35 should be enough to win. Unfortunately the defense is ridiculously young. One senior, one junior and the rest are sophomores and freshman.

As for who owns the state? That answer is obvious. Since FSU couldn't beat Kentucky, and UM isn't even in a bowl game, Florida is obviously the best team in the state. If you think that is going to change anytime soon, you're sadly mistaken and here is why...talent. UM and FSU might get a nice recruiting class this year, but those players will only be freshman next year...just like Florida's freshman this year. It will take at least 2 years, possibly 3 to acquire enough talent and, more importantly, experience to compete at a higher level. So while Florida may have lost to a senior laden Michigan team now, those same Gator players will be much more experienced next year and the year after that.

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