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POLL: How does this Florida basketball team keep winning?

How this Florida basketball team keeps winning these Southeastern Conference games might be more remarkable than convincing Al Horford, Corey Brewer and Joakim Noah to stay another season at UF.

Florida got so desperate on Wednesday night that coach Billy Donovan actually played a freshman walk-on. Yet Florida keeps on winning. The Gators rallied in the second half to beat South Carolina 73-71 in a road game that saw THE GREAT Shane Payne (great name, anyways) earn his first meaningful minutes (well, less than two minutes) of playing time this season. Payne is from Broward County, OF COURSE.

Florida (17-3, 4-1 in SEC) plays Vanderbilt on Sunday at the O'Connell Center. Until then, I'll leave my friends and loyal readers (What's going on in Peru?) with a poll. Well, more like a single multiple-choice question, which I would like answered in the most sarcastic refrains possible. Thank you.

Which answer best describes why Florida is the current leader in the SEC East?

A) Marreese Speights wears a rosary.

B) Walter Hodge's voo-doo hair-do.

C) Shane Payne.

D) The SEC is trash.

E) Jai Lucas' always-new Air Jordans.



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There is no doubt in my mind that the answer is Jai Lucas' always-new Air Jordans, and we are not that bad hater !! hahaha .. Everything is good down in the really deep south (Peru). I found a bar where they play college basketball and NFL games, so I'm covered.

F.) Billy Donovan

hey Joe...we have a football kid out here in Utah....runs a 4.4 40...played corner ,safety,slot,running back kick returner,punt returner...all -state...how do i get info to the coaching staff....his uncle lewis walker played at utah before urban...his older brother johnny walker played wide reciever for colorado st.....lweis walker for judge high school...can you help get this to the rite person...i went to school in gville back in the early 70's would love to see this exciting kid go to FLA

To Mr. Peru:

Tomas una jarra de Cusquena para me!

To Mr. Orange & Blue:

Good answer.

To Mr. Chambers:

Call the school.


i have called the school and the athletic dept.no response as of yet ,any one have any contact numbers for any coaches???????????

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