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Why is Vandy ranked higher than Florida?

GAINESVILLE -- Florida beats Vanderbilt like a three-egg omelet and Vandy, No. 18 in the coaches' poll, is still ranked ahead of No.19 Florida. Why is this?



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I think they might see this as a fluke, but still impressive enough to be rewarded with a ranking. We are still seen as the 06/07 Gators which helps with the ranking.

We will have our chance against Tennessee. That's the reason that we are not farther up. Everyone assumes that UT will beat us like a rented mule. And they may. They are experienced talented and playing us at home coming off an embarrasment against the Kentucky Patterson's.

Next year baby, next year we will be back in the top 5 for the whole year. We are getting 3 wide bodies, 6.9,6.10,7.0 and Shipman from Pace.

This year we will upset a team or 2 and maybe sneak into the sweet sixteen if we get a good draw in the NCAA but that is all we can hope for.

How many teams that are playing 4 freshmen or sophomores after loosing all five starters even make it into the NCAA tournament. This is a great season anyway.

Even if the Tennessee toothless beat us in Knoxville.

Go Gators!!


I'm quick to throw you under the bus when you deserve it. But that was a well written article on the Vandy game. Kudos.

Thanks, Laughin'.

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