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5-star OL James Wilson transferring; This is a problem for the Gators

GAINESVILLE -- Florida redshirt freshman offensive lineman James Wilson is apparently tranferring, according to Wilson's facebook.com page. Wilson was rated the No.1 offensive guard prospect (No.2 among ALL PLAYERS) in the nation in 2006 by Rivals.com.

WilsonWilson's website profile reads, "I'm transferring." The five-star recruit, considered one of the Gators' best young offensive lineman, did not return phone calls on Friday night. Attempts to confirm the news through Florida's sports information staff were also unsuccessful.

A five-star recruit out of Ponte Vedra Beach Nease High School, Wilson was high school teammates with Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. Wilson, who picked Florida over USC, said he chose the Gators over the Trojans because he wanted to block for Tebow.

It's unclear where Wilson (6-5, 305 pounds) might transfer but several of his former high school teammates play for Wake Forest of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Wilson is the fifth Florida player to leave the Gators this offseason. The list includes running backs Chevon Walker and Bo Williams, receiver Jarred Fayson, quarterback Bryan Waggener and now Wilson.

MY OPINION? The Gators could stomach the losses of Williams, Walker, Waggener and even Fayson. Losing Wilson, who Florida coach Urban Meyer loved and expected to be a starter sooner than later, is a blow for the Gators.



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What the hell is wrong? Why can't we keep our recruits? There most be something really wrong with our team chemistry. This kid was not just a good football player, but smart. We can't keep in loosing players like this.

Yep a real blow. Florida keeps getting a patchen so how big a blow is it. And while you are bored, have you seen florida's depth chart on the offensive line?

Obviously, I'm very aware of the depth chart, but maybe you're not, because it makes no sense for you to downplay losing one of the No.1 RECRUITS IN THE COUNTRY and then referencing the depth chart at the same time. Wilson was the best and I don't give a rip what you say about a Pouncey or a Patchen. Meyer knows as much. It's why he made every attempt to keep Wilson on board, including faux intervention-type meetings with other players. I suppose I'll respond to your rhetorical question with some of my own: Do you remember how many times Tebow was sacked against Georgia? Do you remember a comeback against LSU, Auburn or Michigan. If Tebow wasn't the problem then what position do you think was to blame? And don't say the defense. Florida's Heisman Trophy winner had the ball in the fourth quarter with a chance to take the lead or win against LSU, Auburn, Georgia and Michigan? You would think a HEISMAN TROPHY WINNER could win a couple close games, right? And that offensive line actually had some experienced seniors on it. It's a good thing for Florida that Phil Trautwein is coming back. Otherwise, they would be in trouble. Oh, and speaking of good young offensive guards who are no longer at Florida, does anyone still have Ronnie Wilson's phone number? Paging Ronnie Wilson? Is Ronnie Wilson in the house?

"A blow for the gators?" That is how you ended your story? The only thing that blows is your writing. Good luck making 50k a yr for the rest of your life. The Gators are DEEP young man at OL. The reason why people are transferring bc they see the talent and are jumping ship bc they know they won't play.

#1 team in the state!

The reason every gayturd is leaving is because they see the true colors of your coach. Promise everything and do nothing!!! That's one less OL punk to block for that girl Tebow. Just wait till the Canes come to town and knock Tebow and the Gayturds on their a**!!!
Also, not only are the players leaving but so are the coaches.

All I can say is, w.t.f? Why do all the players keep leaving this program? Is it the coaching? Is it the school? Is it this country bumpkin town? I wish I knew. To all the other players, please stay. I know the school has problems and the town is boring but please stay.

I'm a little concerned as well as to why some of our Gators are bolting from the program.
At least in the past some of the defectors were players who weren't going to earn much playing-time, but not we are taking hits in the 2-deep. Yeah, I'm worried, especially with what is occuring in Miami with Shannon.
A school that has won big in the past, in a vibrant city no less.
I just hope we don't see them rise like USC did out in the west coast. I hate to see us regress to an Arizona or Arizona State-like status.
Just not a good weekend with this latest news, plus the baseball and basketball teams.

I'm enjoying this, I honestly feel for the gayturds. I hope you lose one guy per day. I can't wait until you fall back to where you belong, which is in the pit of florida football. We all know who runs florida, they past few years you gayturds have been talking alot of shiznits. Furthermore, chocker had let cryer come down here and picked and chose. Now things have changed and you're losing players, I must be in Heaven. Hopefully this kids will continue to see through Urban's lies.






I still have not heard any insightful information as to what are the factors at play that may be driving some of these kids to transfer out. That would prove very useful in this forum. Another data point is to compare these defections to the average and/or normal retention rates. Is it way above, around the same as usual, or actually below???


Urban Liar must be having a hizzy fit over this one. the ncaa up his butt, players leaving left and right, And rumors ripening on the net about Steroid use by dare I say it, the Heisman Trophy winner. This is manna from heaven if you hate the Turds. Eat it up.

My Balogna has a first name its U-R-B-A-N....
The players are leaving beacuse "Urban is a God Fearing Man", the person that wrote that has got to be the biggest moron EVER! These players are leaving because what fans dont see going on behind closed doors but is rumored everywhere is true. Meyer is shady and his shady dealings are going to bury him!

stop the stupid stuff. so what if players leave. they silly little 18-22 year olds. please get a life, all of you who fret over this. as to the gator-hater - you must be a real loser. how are you doing at school, or on the receptionist board? are you laughing when you write the "hate" stuff. you are ignorant and a LOSER for life. why do "low-life's populate sports and politics? please stop berating the opponents. you need to grow up and stop with the abusive treatment of other teams, whether you are that insanely jealous or just plain ignorant, because you learned it from your dad. STOP it NOW.
Here is how you do it:
FLA - great FB of the nineties, with 1 NC and 5 SEC Championships in toughest Conference in USA (Note: no other conference boasts the # of NC. - its not even close. And lately, SEC has won the last two). Great BB school since Donovan arrived in 1996. Back-to-Back NC is incredible for any school (only 5-6 have ever done it). WOW!
Mia - great FB school since 1983 NC (5 NC). Great Baseball school since about the same time (4-5 NC).
Fsu - great FB school since Bowden arrival (1975). Had some lean times lately, but will come back. Great Baseball school for last 20+ years, but unable to win the big one.
There now. That wasn't so hard was it. Oh, and by the way, when you use the term Gayturd, you show how "low-life" and scUM oriented you are. I only say scUM to show you what a jerk you are. I would never use the term scUM unless you insist like the low-life you are to keep using the other term against GATOR ORANGE and BLUE.

I'm sorry for my last comments. U are correct, the Gayturds do suck. I'm just very upset that all are players and coaches keep leaving, they must be afraid of the U and FSU. I will keep my mouth shut for now on, but please except my apology.

F the gators

Yes, mr brainiac. GATORS must be afraid of um & f$u. Lets see - FLA has won a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2006. Miami last won one in 2001 and f$u last won one in 1999. GATORS have whipped the tallylassies 4 straight - first by Ronnie Zookie in 2002, then 3 straight by Meyer. Why in the world would you even say such a stupid thing????? Why? Why? Why? At least if you shut up, we won't know how stupid you really are. HA HA HA HA HA HA.
I don't care who leaves the FLA program for 3 reasons: 1.Every school has players that leave. So What? Who cares? Not me.
2.It might just be that its a "good riddence" in some cases b/c the player is trouble. I don't know Wilson's story so I'm not saying this is the case, but if you are honest, you know its true.
3.Sometimes the fit isn't right. Just like a job, just like a g/f or b/f. So get real about life and stop being a whining baby.
4.Sometimes the player can't hack it and play up to the level the coaches demand. Again, none of us know Wilson's story, so I have no idea if this is true.
Summary: let it go. most real GATOR fans trust the coaches and give both coaches & players the benefit of the doubt by saying it wasn't a good fit. And that's fine. Best Wishes to Wilson.

I noticed U didn't mention beating the U. Can U even remember when U last won? It's been a long time so just shut up!

I know the last time the hators beat the U................. 23yrs ago

Patchen has a bad shoulder and is rumored to be on steroids. Despite the steroids, Patchen could not get any heavier than 240 lbs.

It couldn't happen to a more deserving fan base.


I could see why some of the skill position players are leaving, because our offensive play calling sucks. Why would a running back come here? I'm about to pull my hair out everytime I see Tebow run after not looking for a second option. Our best offensive lineman prospect leaving is a bit puzzling and troubling to me. I cannot explain that one either. I blame Meyer, great recruiter, crappy playcaller. Playmakers want the ball, players have to inwardly grumble when the only two players handling the ball is Tebow and Harvin. They of course are our two best players and you need to get them the ball, but the offense is predictable and they are going to get hurt, which they did. Get the other guys the other guys the ball, use a back to block. In all honesty I think Tebow is limited in his throwing ability and the coaches know it and mask it by having him or Harvin run or throw little dink passes. PLEASE, tell me the coaches have worked with him on his throwing, so he stops throwing ducks. We could have the most explosive offensive if the coaches utilized all the players. I don't want another Heisman, I want a CHAMPIONSHIP!

Ha Ha Ha. How ignorant to talk about when FLA last beat Mia. Guess what stupidos, newsflash, FLA & mia don't play every year so saying 23 years is meaningless. The only meaningful stat is Mia has beaten FLA most recently, 2 time when FLA was coached by Zooker ('02 & '03). Kudos to miami for beating FLA. I have no problem with saying mia won b/c they were better team - with a better coach.
Remember, we could all go back in time and recite this & that. Example: FLORIDA was the last team to beat Miami in OB before the home winning streak started. FLORIDA stomped miami in 1983 (28-3), which Miami later went on to win the NC (but we know that they were not better than FLA, they just had an easy schedule while FLA had to play the grind of the SEC.
Anyway, I'm just saying we ought not to denigrate our State teams. Lighten up the discussion and respect your opponents, especially fellow floridians(or previous Floridians who still love the State).
I look forward to being in the SWAMP for this years game with Miami and believe it will be a very close game that could be won by either team.

Oh little Davey, the CANES also kicked Steve Spurrier's rear!

You have no chance and here comes the pain.

UM will play the scUM gators every year, but the SCUM gators will not play UM every year,. That makes a forfeit every year the gator-scUM does not play UM, and the gator-scUM will lose every time they play UM. uf is , and always will be a chicken-sheet, classless school, because they are afraid to play the CANES every year.

wow! what a wack forum.

In the heart of a true UM fan (myself) canes could not conquer the gators over the past 3-4 years in my opinon had they played each other.

I state this because I sense UM fans on this forum being a lil cocky for the program. We play in the ACC in wich we (canes) can not buy a ticket to the ACC championship if the program depended on it. Spare me the braggin until canes at least get into the .500-600pct
catergorey. So what, 5 time NC-what they need to do is the lil things like when their confrence for a change. RS will bring change!

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